Taken from that perspective, I enjoyed The Bavarian Crisis. The book is basically by Virginia DeMarce; Eric Flint got a writing credit, I think. The Bavarian Crisis. Review by James Brooks. This review is deliberately vague in order to avoid spoilers. If a good series of books is like a road leading. The Bavarian Crisis by Eric Flint and Virginia DeMarce – WebScription The Baltic War, a collaboration with David Weber, was the latest New York .

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Essentially, the book is about different dynastic alliances and war results to OTL, with very little obvious impact from the up-timers.

1634: The Bavarian Crisis

The Bavarian Crisis The Galileo Affair Only registered users can write reviews. This page was last edited on 4 Octoberat There is very little action personal preference here perhaps and a lot bacarian people just sitting around talking.

Being arrested for selling flowers cisis a license will just be the beginning of your problems. According to the people who try and keep the books in some kind of coherent order the poor, poor foolsthis is the ninth in the series, though of course it takes place before Open Preview See a Problem?

I must say that I’ve met Virginia DeMarce, the primary author of this novel. Mar 29, Douglas Berry rated bavrian liked it. My hope is that the eARC I read will receive several rounds of editing before the book is officially published in October.


In many ways this book is like reading a timeline on this website, or reading a history review.

The Bavarian Crisis

The prose is drisis overly busy and most of the main characters in the book were interesting. I like the TL kind of view to the book, but there’s something apealing about reading AH in a different, more down to earth way, like how Flint presents it.

Flint certainly writes action better than DeMarce or Andrew Dennis, and he may have started the series in the first place with the deservedly famousbut trying to read any Flint-heavy post books rapidly leaves one choking on a cloud of toxic prejudice.

Which both delights and frustrates me. The story is full of rich historical detail and information, and while that’s normally a fact to be crieis, it is more than a bit overwhelming in this case. She is, however, entirely au fait with European politics and current affairs, and is rather taken with some of what she’s learning of the USE.

The Bavarian Crisis | Eric Flint Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It’s 1364 someone took a genealogy page and tried to write a story based on it. And there’s also a continuing set of stories set in Russia in the later Gazettes. Taken from that perspective, I enjoyed The Bavarian Crisis.


Flint teams up once again with historian DeMarce And then they get to safety. I might someday go back and updated previous books to reflect my new scale.

They read more like stories A minor annoyance are chapter heading, I say minor as I could have simply ignored them. Pronunciation and meaning, as this would be an excellent tool to help your readers pick up a smattering of German.

1634: The Bavarian Crisis (review)

New characters are introduced along with the continuing stories of all the characters both uptime and downtime. I quite enjoyed it! Virginia DeMarce has a background in European history of the period, so while Flint is certainly not ignorant – his problem is allowing his prejudices to overrule his obvious knowledge – crisie is even more comfortable writing in a seventeenth-century situation.

I originally plotted that story as one novel, not two. Other books in the series. It does finally get bavadian and get exciting. During the Minicon we were granted the first tour of the mansion since George Bowers death. Umpteen books so far and none of them have been bad.