You have to call Javascript functions from Air into your browser/IExplore and call the ActiveXObject from Javascript. At least thats the way I would do it. Shell ActiveX object – Adobe Acrobat Windows. WinXP, Acrobat 6 When I type the name of a PDF file at the Windows command prompt, the file opens properly. function CheckAdobeVersion() {. var isInstalled = false;. var version = null;. if ( XObject) {. var control = null;. try {. // is used by version.

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These custom svgs won’t work activexboject IE9, so that’s why we are using the Adobe viewer. I’ve found several questions but only one answer on the web: Tuesday, April 3, In JavaScript, you may get wrong results when comparing values obtained via COM with the null or undefined value.

Obtain an in-process COM object by using the Sys. So your option is communicate with web page in IE. I too have an issue where I’ve developed around adobe viewer, using standard web fonts actviexobject scaled perfectly and crisply in IE6,7,8 but in IE9 they are pixelated when printed but view fine.

Login to Your Account. For example, a method can have the following declaration:. ActivePerl – calling an ActiveX object By bubbabubbs yahoo.

I’m very unsure of how to go about this, so any pointers are welcome. Sign up using Facebook. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Any help would be appreciated. You can also create a script routine handling the object events. In-process COM objects and ActiveX components function within the process of adove client application that uses the object or component.

  IEC 60169-2 PDF

flex – Is it possible to embed an ActiveXObject into an Adobe AIR application? – Stack Overflow

You can also use TestComplete as a client application for your in-process object. Email Required, but never shown. Proposed as answer by SamIam7 Wednesday, June 5, 4: This works fine on Acrobat 5, but doesn’t work on Acrobat 6. Some methods may have parameters of the enumeration type or some methods or adoe may return a value of the enumeration type. I am looking to do this as well. Application’ ; end. COM objects function as a server and applications that use them function as a client.

Working With COM Objects

Sign up using Email and Password. What should we do? For common recommendations on calling methods and properties of COM objects and passing parameters to COM object methods, see the section at the end of the topic.

I revisited my test pages Help us improve MSDN. Thursday, October 21, 7: Rewriting the site that its pointing at is not an option at this time, and the svgs are custom, not standard. After you obtain the object, you can call its methods in your scripts, work with properties, and so activvexobject. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

So can anyone suggest a way to get this script to work without having to delete the registry entry? For example, a method can have the following actlvexobject Internet Explorer Extension Development. To access these objects, you need to have access to the internals of their client applications:.


Otherwise, if a COM object functions within a separate process, it is an out-of-process object. Highlight search results Highlight activexobjject results. In JavaScript and Python, to get an individual item of a collection object obtained via COM, you need to activexoject the appropriate property for example, Item or Items:.

Wednesday, September 21, 8: Theoretically, this script should do nothing more than pass my arguments to the command line, but still nothing happens. When you are working with COM objects from scripts, the scripting engine does not have access to the type library of this object.

DelphiScript does not support calling COM object methods that take nil as one of the parameters. Then, to access the desired COM object, use the methods and properties of its client application to find out what method or property to use, explore the client application’s process in the Object Browser:.

Applies to TestComplete The content you requested has been removed. So while you can get it to work in IE9 in compatibility mode, I’m now trying to use a web browser control in.

Sign in to vote. In this case, the object is loaded to the TestComplete process:. Also, what does that registry entry do? Calling Acrobat file from WScript. Then I create the following JavaScript script: I’d prefer a way to control the Active X directly from my ActionScript code.