The Rebirth of History has ratings and 24 reviews. Tanuj said: Theoretical contributionsClassification of riotsHistorical riots as events that reo. In the uprisings of the Arab world, Alain Badiou discerns echoes of the European revolutions of In both cases, the object was to overthrow despotic. In the wake of the Arab Spring, Alain Badiou’s The Rebirth of History: Times of. Riots and Uprisings ([] ) offers an analysis of riots, how they relate to.

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They affirm profound political change and the unfolding of a [End Page ] new potential course of action.

The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings by Alain Badiou

Hardcoverpages. The Strange Decay of Labour England? Badiou’s analysis is weaker here, a reflection of his Maoist politics that tends to blur the specificity of the working class by dissolving it into a wider notion of “the people”.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. No keywords specified fix it. Badiou believes that the central demand of the capitalist state is to live without an Idea, without a concept that there is anything higher than oneself. Without pre-supposing a Marxist analysis of history, most of Badiou’s arguments don’t make a lot of sense. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

The Rebirth of History: Times of Riots and Uprisings

Timothy John Isaacson – unknown. And Badiou is an excellent writer of agitational prose. Basic overview of the mass uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia in Alain Badiou 28 April George Anderson and Andrew Barone. The Rebirth of History. That clearly owes to the fact that the earthly disappearance of the communist hypothesis and its parties has little by little made the truth about parliamentarism apparent: In the uprisings of the Arab world, Alain Badiou discerns echoes of the European revolutions of Can Change Be Thought?: French philosopher Alain Badiou proves an exception, bringing equal parts rage and insight to his thinking of the events transforming our world.


In both cases, the object was to overthrow despotic regimes maintained by the great powers—regimes designed to impose the will of financial oligarchies. The first is the political element, a period of human activity during which a new thought and practice of collective emancipation historj in people’s minds as a result of their activity.

This is ultimately an invective against parliamentary democracy, which Badiou sees as the political space that allows for a legitemised criminality, where “the universal rule today, no longer discussed by any of the powerful of this world, is profit”.

Mar 04, Michael Ledezma rated it really liked it. The only unifying demand of the protests was the rejection of particular dictators. These involve large numbers of people from different backgrounds students, workers, the unemployed and retired in disruptive mass actions such as strikes, demonstrations and blockades.

The Rebirth of History

Will we see their “existence” stripped from them? Sep 06, William West rated it liked it. It’s not clear what is gained by understanding striking as just one particular form of rioting. Non-exploitative capitalism, of course, we’re on the way there. Stay in Touch Sign up. Feb 28, Andrew Otway rated it really liked it. It discovers a new reality, just as a mathematician or physicist discovers a new truth without inventing this truth.

The Myth of Sisyphus. But the revolutions of proclaimed for a century and a half the return of revolutionary thought and action. The perpetual optimist reads in the Arab Spring a return of emancipatory universalism. The Monkey Is the Messenger.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. According to Historu all things, including human individuals, are shaped by the systematic relations of production in which they socially exist.


Or, maybe, it’s just the way of the philosopher to sound deep and abstruse. To anyone who is interested in revolts, revolutions, uprisings, the book is highly recommended; and to anyone who is in the process of revolt and uprising and rebellion, or is planning to revolt and up-rise and rebel some day, I’d say this is a must read. According to Badiou, badjou radical event of a historic riot does not hisotry a new political system or state.

And what fate is in store for those poor souls who have been declared historh be against the “truth” of the revolution? But who has ever seen a riot whose front ranks were made up of the elderly? This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. It’s authority legitimized, the collective subject that is the historic riot can thus impose an expression of general will on the population. Apr 06, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Adorno, Foucault and the Critique of the West.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. They do this by e This short book provides a useful synthesis of Badiou’s theoretical work with a contemporary event- the Arab spring. After oc historic riot, organization is needed to keep the spirit of the riot alive and potentially bring about the full realization of the political idea through the creation of a new system.

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