Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. Learn more on our Mepepe (Albizia zygia) page. English West African albizia (Savill & Fox); West African walnut (Unwin); ‘Senegal rosewood’ (mis-applied – this properly refers to Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir.). Familia: Fabaceae Subfamilia: Mimosoideae Tribus: Ingeae Genus: Albizia Species: Albizia zygia. Name[edit]. Albizia zygia (DC.)

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The seed weight is 50ā€”60 g. Planing Easy; no particular problems. The useful plants of West Tropical Africa.

Allbizia Pharmaceutica 55 3: Persian Silk Tree Albizia julibrissinfoliage and blossoms. Albizia zygia FOOD x 64 – 8k – gif www. Boring Moderately easy; tools must be cautiously sharpened. It is necessary to protect young trees from cattle and wild herbivores, and to remove weeds during the first 2ā€”3 years of growth. The gum from the bark is used in the food industry e. The wood is known under the trade names nongo generalred nongo Uganda and okuro Ghana. It tends to shed large branches, damaging power lines, houses, and other infrastructure in Hawaii.


Albizia zygia is related to Albizia gummiferaand hybrids between the two species have been recorded. Regeneration depends on the presence of medium-sized to large canopy gaps in the forest.

Freshly harvested logs sometimes float in water and can then be transported by river.

The gum is also promising as binding agent in tablet formulations, especially when high mechanical strength and slower release rates are desired. Volume 3, Families Jā€”L.

The wood is commonly used as firewood and for charcoal production.

Forests, Tree and Livelihoods 11 1: Fittings a,bizia – Silica in Timbers. Views Read Edit View history. Albizia zygia is widespread and locally common, particularly in secondary forest.

West African Plants – A Photo Guide – Albizia zygia (DC.)

Molucca albizia Falcataria moluccana synonyms: Albizia can also be told apart from another large related genus, Acaciaby its stamens, which are joined at the bases instead of separate. The gluing, staining and veneering properties are satisfactory, and steam bending properties moderate.

Seeds for planting should be collected from the trees before the pods dehisce. It is valued as a shade tree, e.


MEPEPE (Albizia zygia)

Some presumed “silk trees” are in fact misidentified members of the not very closely related genus Erythrophleum from the Caesalpinioideae and Lebeckia from the Zygai. The effect of Bradyrhizobium strain inoculation on nitrogen fixation and growth performance of Albizia zygia Macbride seedlings. It has good prospects as an auxiliary tree in agroforestry systems, improving the soil with its nitrogen-fixing root nodules, providing mulch with its leaf litter, reducing erosion with its large rooting system, and protecting crops from too much sun.

This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat Retrieved from ” https: Part I-Tropical American Species.

Rotary Veneer Cutting Not suitable for albzia. Tropical Forestry Papers However, harvesting the bark for medicine and for the gum may locally reduce population sizes of the tree.

It is also suitable for joinery, interior trim, ship and boat building, vehicle bodies, toys and novelties, turnery, boxes, crates, matches, hardboard and particle board.