Ami Sohana Masudrana series. Uploaded by Rezaul Haque Mithu. ধীরে ধীরে অনেক কষ্টে দরজার পাশে হেলান দিয়ে দাঁড়াল সোহানা। গায়ে শার্ট নেই, বাহুর. দাঁড়াল পাইথন, তার দুই হাত ঝুলে পড়ল, ধীরে ধীরে এগিয়ে আসছে রানার দিকে। ‘আমি কি তোমাকে বলেছি, হাড় ভাড়ার শব্দ শুনতে যে ভালবাসি? বলিনি..? রানাকে ছাড়িয়ে আরও . Free download Ami Sohana by Qazi Anwar Hossain bangla book from Sheba Prokashoni, Dhaka.

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Each member is an integral part of the organization. It provided the participants a platform to showcase their talent through a plethora of events.

“Ami Sohana” Item Song of Bangla Movie “Dehorokkhi” ft. Bobby, Kazi Maruf

It is a year old culture with professional value institutionalized into its system. Equal learning and presentation opportunities are provided so that every member can reach the heights of glory.

I will always cherish the memories Les Amis has given me. A Cinephilic Tryst” in which the students from all around tricity showcased their literary and intellectually voluble diction. I met a group of brilliant sohanx enthusiastic minds, who never missed even a single opportunity to learn from each other.

What followed was a manifestation of freshness and fervour brought into my life by a group of super talented and zelous individuals who used to, work professionally as a team and rejoice as a bunch of buddies.

Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved.

We encourage every member to aspire high and achieve the extent of thy potential. Literary, Business and Art. When I joined Les Amis in second year of college, I never anticipated its end impact, when I would finally graduate.


Hear What Our Alumni Say. Les Amis for me has not just been a stamp to be decorated on paper, but the epitome of culture and a head start for my future. The event saw an overwhelming participation. Ethics and discipline are two vital cogs which help the organization stand apart from others and for a hard worker, here sky is just the beginning.

Every person carries with himself the ability to move people with him. There were students from over 20 schools and 7 colleges. Les Amis About Us Right from its inception inLes Amis came to be known as the epitome of excellence, quality and professionalism.

The response from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. Carrying forward the legacy of 27 years of excellence, this year, Les Amis organised the event “Odeum: Right from its inception inLes Amis came to be known as the epitome of excellence, quality and professionalism. It is a platform where one can straight away get to be a part of a decade old organisation weaved with strong ethical values and aspirations, an equal mix of idealism and pragmatism, follows no hierarchy, a positive attitude towards work and life.

I still remember that day, flipping the pages of brochure, searching for what this organization had to offer me and after two years in Les Amis I can say that this organization gave me the platform I had always been yearning for. With the blend of work and fun, one never forgets this surreal journey. It witnessed a huge participation of over students from all around the Tri-city. Working with those brilliant minds and teams on multiple problems still brings a smile to my face even after two years in the actual corporate system.


We provide you the ground to explore the leader in you and amalgamate the quality to inspire people.

The exposure to practical scenarios that one faces later in life, is an asset that the projects in LA shared with me. Stay upto date, join zohana newsletter. We believe in synergy and no member works in seclusion. Odeum had a great deal of innovative and interesting competitions like the Celluloid, an amalgamation of three sub events: Les Amis is like a temple of discovery, a place where latent skills of an individual can be identified and honed.

Ami sohana 1 2 – PDF Archive

Learn while working with the fellow associates in a whole new world of Les Amis which gives sohaha essence and quintessence of professionalism soyana through its working that is akin to the work culture of corporate houses. This gave the students a chance to hone their literary skills. Also, it is a step to network with some really extraordinary talented bunch of people, with whom you develop a strong bond of comradeship for lifetime.

As a newly entered college student, one needs to explore multiple dimensions of their character; finally graduating as one fine product. It prepared me for the outside world by putting me in scenarios in and out; always raising the bar one mark higher.