The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In this updated edition of The Tarot Handbook, now with a new introduction by the author, Angeles Arrien takes tarot beyond the limits of the fortune-telling. This is Part 3 in a series of posts here about the five shapes that archaeologist Angeles Arrien has identified as carrying universal meaning.

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You return to your soul’s highest values. Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols. Feb 28, Teleri rated it really tart it.

This book also contains information on the “Five Shapes Test” also known as the “Preferential Shapes Test” which has been used in businesses, organizations, and groups to facilitate greater understanding, communication and collaboration.

Keep the faith and keep on trucking. This is by far the most complete and useful book on Tarot I have ever found. The Best Books of Russell Books Ltd Condition: I learned about magic!

Fantastic introduction to Tarot.

Angeles has produced many, many books over the years. The Way of the Visionary CD explores the archetype of creativity, manifestation and authenticity, through questions, practices, and providing tools for daily use.

A great introduction to the Thoth tarot deck. As we explore what a visionary is, we envision our own lives and where we are in alignment with our vision, and where we need to look again to see more clearly.

The Tarot Handbook Teacher’s Guide

Charts, spreads and methodology tools are arrjen as an important practical aid to both students and teachers of taeot Tarot that will help to explain symbols that might appear in dreams, meditation and daily life,” rear cover. On The Second Half anheles Life, anthropologist and author Angeles Arrien retrieves the world’s vital wisdom teachings that have opened people at midlife to the deeper mysteries of who we really are and why we are truly here.


Leonie Pipistrelle rated it liked it Aug 07, I found out that my lifetime card is The Magician, which goes along with my card as the Jack of Spades. Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award! I haven’t bought the cards yet but I intend to do that soon and do a reading. She interprets the Crowley deck imagery wonderfully but I also connect the best with her understanding of Tarot meaning.

Tight spine, clean pages.

The Tarot Handbook by Arrien, Angeles

When we come home to our authentic selves we can manifest what is meaningful in our lives. The Four-Fold Way is one of the most beloved best-selling books on cross-cultural, archetypal and Perennial Wisdom practices of Leadership, Healing, Creativity and Vision and Teaching found around the world.

Through story telling, you are guided across the threshold of each gate to deepen valuable relationships, reclaim untended creative talents, and shift your focus from ambition to meaning, in order to grow into the arien elder you were meant to become.

Dancing with the Skeleton; and the Gawain Story, which teaches us the four things we need to honor in every relatiionship. Nov 17, Kathy Peveler rated it it was amazing. And not just the major arcana, either, but of every card in the deck. I learned about intuition.

Apr 06, Syncreation rated it really liked it. I was so amazed with the first day of looking at it, that arrirn I purchased a copy for two of my dear friends.

When you find the courage to change at midlife, a miracle happens. I learned process, content, and intuitive skills through this book. I got it cheap on ebay last year, thinking I was buying a different book. I’ve been using this book for years and I am impressed by it each time I browse its pages. The Sensible Magpie Published: It focuses on the archetypal and symbolic meanings of the Tarot as a transformational book of wisdom, and the lessons it can teach us about our own inner symbolic growth and outer tarof in the world.


Comments on this entry are closed. Ideal to use with teams, families, and interest groups that you would like to introduce to the Preferential Shapes Test. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Kate Balcombe rated it it was ok Jul 28, May 29, Daeryl Holzer rated it it was amazing.

Over the years, Angeles moved away from Tarot into her work as a Shaman…. May 17, Petra rated it it was amazing. An anthropologist who specializes in cross-cultural qngeles, Arrien demonstrates how the seventy-eight figures of the tarot are portraitures and archetypes that are prevalent in the collective human experience.

Ultimately our ability to communicate effectively in both professional and personal relationships, increases and deepens intimacy and trust, cultivates courage, honesty and integrity and expands our self-responsibility, generative and creativity in work, family, organizations and communities. May 29, Sean Lambert rated it it was amazing.

They were beloved by the Greeks and ancient peoples for their humanity, divinity, compassion and inspiration. Join respected anthropologist and folklorist Angeles Arrien as she bridges the past with the present to find powerful methods based on the afrien tradition for gaining clarity and direction in your life. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.