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In this talk, I will discuss probabilistic proofs for the existence of winning strategies in sequence games where the goal is nonrepetitiveness. Algorytmiczne Aspekty Kombinatoryki czwartek: The paper is available at: Clearly, if the necklace is open and beads in one color form a segment then r cuts are necessary.

The pace will be gentle, and we will not assume any particular prior knowledge on either positional games or random graphs.

Suppose the vertices of a graph G were labeled arbitrarily by positive integers, and let S v denote the sum of labels over all neighbors of vertex v.

Let A be a square matrix of size n. Consider a set S which is a subset of V G. Based on paper of Guth and Katz. Of all types of positional games, Maker-Breaker games are probably the most studied.

White’s conjecture resisted numerous attempts since its formulation in We determine the smallest possible minimum degree of H-minimal graphs for numerous bipartite graphs H, including bi-regular kpmbinatoryki graphs and forests. Suppose we kombinatoryli one of the integers 1, 2, or 3 to each edge of G.


Is it true that we may choose one vector for each edge from its basis so that the vectors lying around each vertex formed a basis of V?

Kostochka, Efficient graph packing via game coloring. We prove several theorems aaspekty arithmetic properties of Stern polynomials defined in the following way: This is a joint work with Roman Glebov and Dan Kral. We use a degree-greedy algorithm to clean a random d-regular graph on komginatoryki vertices with dn even and analyze it using the differential equations method to find the asymptotic number of brushes needed to clean a random d-regular graph using this algorithm for fixed d.

Let G be a connected graph with at least three vertices. I will present some results on the Lonely Runner Problem in a setting of finite fields, discuss connections to graph coloring, matroid flows, and view obstruction, and offer several new open problems.

The problem is due to Gian-Carlo Rota, a positive answer would be a far reaching strengthening komblnatoryki the famous Dinitz problem for latin squares. Eve wants to keep Adam in uncertainty until the very last question. Problems from extremal combinatorics led to a study of graphons determined by finitely aspekyy subgraph densities, which are referred to as finitely forcible graphons.

In addition, I want to show some new results.


Suppose each vertex v of a graph G is assigned with some number of chips c v. On-line chain partititoning of orders can be viewed as the game between two-person between: A k-majority tournament T on V is defined so that u dominates v kombunatoryki T iff u lies above v in more than a half of the orders.

Index of //MAD/V Bryant – Aspekty kombinatoryki/

Is it true that we always end with a stable configuration of chips? We will present sveral results and conjectures on this fascinating game.

Alice and Bob share an unrooted tree with non-negative weights assigned to the vertices, and play a game on it. Computing both of them is P-hard. Alon, Noga Nonconstructive proofs in combinatorics. This looks somewhat technical, but there are many combinatorial problems that can be expressed in this way.

When is agreement possible?

Neal Koblitz

While the best function f currently known is super-exponential in k, a O k log k bound is known in the special case where H is a forest. We also make initial progress for graphs of larger chromatic number. String edit distance is a minimum total cost of edit operations inserting, deleting and changing letters needed to receive one string from another.