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But base wisdom emanates foul smell from the mouth as a result of ill and bad words spoken. Naihar Koutanb Taji Biaahay Sasuraar JaaiGounanu Kai Kulaabadhoo Birad Kahaavaee Just as a girl leaves her parent’s house after getting married and earns a respectable name for herself and her husband’s family by virtue of her good traits; ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Biralo Bibaykee Jan Paraoupakaar HaytiMilat Salil Gati Rang Srabang Bhoot Kau Such a rational and knowledgeable Sikh is very rare who for the sake of benevolence becomes humble like water and unites with the people of all denominations.

Steek Bhai Gurdas Ji Kabit Sawayie Part 1 –

Thus, praise sgeek slander for him are the same. Krodh Kay Birodh Bikhai Sahaj Santokh MokhaLobh Laharantar Dharam Dheer Jant Hai The impure wisdom entangles a person in the waves of hatred and greed under the influence of anger, whereas in the company of saints he attains, humility, patience and kindness.

bhi The hot bai cold conditions keep altering but the relishment of Naam elixir rem ‘ 7 ” 7 718 5 4: Grandeur of such True Guru befits only Him and nobody can reach Him. In the stupor of Naam he is seen living a life of wonders and marvels. He is beyond the influence of maya mammon. He then meditates, contemplates and worships the Master Lord as a slave and serves His command and will. He is filled with the love of the Lord and he acquires higher state of spiritual being.


These two emotions do not influence him.

Alakh Abhayv Aparanpar Dayvaadhi DayvaAisay Gurdayv Sayv Gursikh Sant Mai 14 3 God who is beyond bgai, whose secret cannot be known, who is infinite, who is God of gods, the service of such-like True Guru can only be performed in the congregation of saints and Gursikhs.

By virtue of divine sight of the True Guru, they acquire the wisdom of loving worship.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek – Part 1

By virtue of the meditation on Naam obtained from the True Guru the heart that feels the light effulgence of the Lord, that heart is wondrous and astonishing. But the same consciousness becomes a cause of arrogance and discord in the company of ill reputed persons. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Similarly a human mind acquires good traits in the company of good persons and ill traits when ‘ ‘ ” ” ‘ 15 6 4: Nihakaram Nihabharam Nihasaram NihasvaadaNirabivaad Niranjan Sounni Mai Sanniaasee Hai 16 8 He is a recluse beyond rites and rituals, infatiguiable, undesirous of all worldly tastes and relishments, beyond all worldly disputes and discords, not smudged by the mammon mayawho lives in a state of trance and tranquil thoughts.


Age rating For ages 3 and up. They become aware of the Lord’s indefinable traits who is the creator, the sustainer and destroyer of all things in the Un ‘ ‘ ‘ 18 It is indeed unique.

It is then turned into beautiful ornaments of metal better looking than each individually. It loses its worldly importance. He remains bereft of all expectations and hopes and feels no d ‘7 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ 7 ‘ 73: This feature needs internet connectivity.

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And as such he is Lord-conscious person and because of the knowledge of the words of Guru, he is Lord aware person. Similarly the divine radiance of the celestial light generated due to Naam Simran cannot be described. He claims no credit for any guras performed. It generates marvellous faith.

Otherwise he too is one among the ignorant animal and a fool. Such a devotee never harbours any feeling of deceit, falsehood or ill deeds.

It is extremely wonderful. Gurmukhi Dhiaan Kai Patisataa Soukhanbar LaiAnaki Patanbar Kee Sobhaa N Suhaavaee By the grace of True Guru, ghrdas Guru-conscious person appreciates no other apparel than the comfort giving dress of respect and honour acquired by virtue of perpetual engrossment of the mind in the Lord.