The DARK DIVINE series. BOOK 1: THE DARK DIVINE. I stood back and watched his movements. Daniel had that way about him that could shut me down in an. Bree Despain (born ) is an American author. Despain studied creative writing at Brigham Despain is the author of the Dark Divine trilogy and the Into The Dark trilogy. Her first novel, The Dark Divine, was published in , and the . Grace and Jude Divine have always been the poster-children for kindness and understanding. Their father is a pastor, a truly good man, and.

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The Dark Divine 1. All sulky and sullen and “Oh my life’s over and no one else could possibly understand and blah blah blah!

Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. This is a paranormal read, with the teenage girl loving a werewolf boy. View all 39 comments.

The Dark Divine

One, homeopathy as werewolf cure? Actually, I believe I hate Grace a little bit more than Bella. Now, for the reason I won’t say, Jude has an excuse for acting out of character, but EVEN considering said reason, he still acted like a jerk.

Daniel has come back out of love and hope that Grace maybe the one to cure him of his “disease”. I thought perhaps my assumption was wrong, because it felt too obvious, but nope As I go along reading it I have no idea where the story would go and at first I thought that this is a non-fantasy book, but kind of a romance YA book.


One thing I wondered about was how much Grace’s mother knew about Daniel. I had my guesses but so did Grace but neither of us knew until it was there. I felt that Despain just left it towards the big “climatic” scenes, where we were all are meant to be like: She’d known him almost forever, but then he disappeared–and now he’s back.

This made the story really addicting April is dating Jude, but I think she is only friends with Grace to get to her brother. But that one little mention is the only thing that I can think of to say about this book: If April saw everything that happened at the end, she now knows Daniel’s secret, but this is not addressed for some reason.

Not that I’m endorsing all teens to pull an Eric Cartmanbut I do expect some independent thought.


Is SHE his mother? My one complaint concerns the relationship between Grace and Daniel. It had a different angle with the girl being the daughter of a pastor. Do you get mad when a reviewer gives a book a bad review and one of their reasons is because they admit dexpain there too old to read that kind of book?

I hate figuring it out before the main character. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I have to be honest, by about halfway through the book I was enjoying this one but fairly convinced I knew what was coming.

dari Drug abuse, dealing drugs and alcohol use for under-aged kids are all part of this book. I guessed it about halfway through, though it wasn’t near as obvious as the “mysterious” event that I was really looking forward to this book, and although it did not disappoint me, it also wasn’t quite what I’d expected.


The Dark Divine (Dark Divine, book 1) by Bree Despain

As Datk and Daniel Sorry guys for totally forgetting to review this whole list of books His divinr choose his dad over him, only a young boy. Now what Daniel has is a hereditary thing, so I don’t know where Grace gets the right to be so sorrowful and blaming herself for it. Even though this book series really doesn’t have a designated villain yetthe plot remained strong and interesting throughout, and the story was evenly paced. Grace Divine is the daughter of a pastor in a conservative church-going community, but her straitlaced family has spent the last several years hiding and avoiding the fate of their unofficial foster son and brother Daniel, and his strange disappearance.

The daily struggle of Grace’s life, being the person she wants to be, and being the person that everyone expects her to be as a preacher’s daughter, marvelously parallels the life of the everyday teenager Honestly, and you call yourself a nerdy grade-A student?

It’s sad that that is really the only original part of the whole story.