Rene “Butch” Meily is a jack of all trades. He’s the current president of IdeaSpace Philippines and QBO Philippines. He’s also the President and COO of. PDRF President, Rene “Butch” Meily, talking on the devts on the first ever private- sector led DOC. #pdrfluncheon Founder Spotlight: Rene Butch Meily, President of QBO Philippines Innovation Hub Success for Butch was being able to “make an impact on other people’s.

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PDRF may also help the government privatize some essential city services such as water and electricity. Thank you for contributing to be part of Community List.

Butch Meily – IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc.

There will always be an air of uncertainty in attempting to make breakthroughs and trying to push for innovation. Composed of a team of highly committed professionals, PDRF works with field experts and reputable humanitarian institutions to organize and coordinate private sector solutions to disaster management.

On 1 November, the AHA Centre had signed a landmark partnership agreement with the CCF, making the Singaporean outfit its first official private sector alliance partner for regional disaster management. The organization is working to revive commerce and business in the region, helping entrepreneurs establish small shops or necessities fleeing residents had to leave behind, he said. It seeks to burch the catalyst for proactive and constructive corporate collaboration for a better, safer and friendlier Asia.

SEED is simultaneously tasked to evaluate and disseminate first-hand information to incoming aid responders for more informed strategic decisions. CBi is on track to expand to 40 countries by Thank you for contributing to be part of Startup List. Despite being aware of certain perils that come with the profession, entrepreneurs continue to strive and stick to it. Risks are a big part of creating something new.

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Join the Investor List Please fill-out the form below. Write an Article Please fill-out the form below. The contacts established globally also allowed the Philippines to offer medical personnel to help US responders after the recent flooding in Texas after Hurricane Harvey.


A kubo for the Filipino startup community. Failed, there’s something wrong. We follow the stories of founders, investors, influencers and the local startup community. It was through this that he became a part of the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation. The networks aim to foster better coordination, improved preparedness, and more effective, efficient crisis response by leveraging private-sector businesses—which account for 90 percent of jobs in the world and play vital roles in communities.

This kind of mentality could potentially take away great opportunities from Filipinos. While the Public and People sectors had long come together and embarked on collaborative frameworks, the Private sector had always been deemed to be passive funders or donors of disaster relief efforts.

Madagascar and others have also sought expertise. Thank you for contributing an article. Breaking the status quo. Running a meaningful business that makes a positive impact on society should definitely be added to the prescribed career norms of today.

Knowledge-sharing and innovation across national borders is key. He wanted to create a platform where Filipino entrepreneurs could develop their ideas and their businesses. Join the Startup List Please fill-out the form below. Let us build Techshake together.

Interview – Butch Meily | Connecting Business initiative

But while the possibility of failing could be off-putting, choosing to take a risk can sometimes lead to amazing things. TechShake is a startup media company based in the Meoly. We will be contacting meil for additional information and materials that we would be needing for your startup listing. Eight of those networks mobilized in response to emergencies in the last year.


He worked at Beatrice International as the Vice President meiily Public Relations for much of his time in New York, gaining plenty of valuable experience in the field. Butch Meily had always known that his mission is to empower local Filipino startups, but it took him a few years to be able to concretize exactly how he could help out. Why is that so? Designed and developed by Digiteer Creative Studios Inc.

Interview with Butch Meily

At least 45 civilians have been killed and thousands of others are in urgent need of buth, health care, shelter, water, sanitation, and hygiene. Join the Community Please fill-out the form below. Butch told us that his longtime dream of promoting and helping local startups was on its way to being realized from there.

He spent a lot of time in the United States, working there for almost 20 years. In its first year, CBi supported private sector-led networks in 13 locations: Through QBO, ideas and startups are given the space and opportunity to grow, ensuring that a brighter tomorrow with more possibilities is indeed on its way for the Filipino startup community. Butch was born in the Philippines but left to study abroad.

If we can manage to do that, we will be building a better and safer world, not just for ourselves but for our children.