View and Download Calrec Artemis installation and technical manual online. Digital Broadcast Production Console. Artemis Music Mixer pdf manual download . Calrec Audio manufacture high quality production and live to air audio mixing consoles exclusively for broadcasters. Calrec offer the most comprehensive range. Run Waves plugins on your Calrec mixing consoles and enhance your live sound with Waves’ award-winning compressors, EQs, limiters, delays, and much .

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Earthing This is a Class I product.

From the list select one of the Misc Mon outputs. SW-P mapping requires the use manua the supplied by Calrec. Changing access at folder level affects all the sub-folders and ports within that folder. The third IEC input and distribution block At this point, you can either create a new salvo or overwrite a previously created one by clicking on its name in the list. These settings can be configured separately for when the desk is in On Air, Rehearse or Neither mode.

Calrec ARTEMIS Operator’s Manual

Send to inserted Configuring inserts is a two step process. Again, patching is achieved by highlighting the blue source cell, the blue destination cell and clicking patch.

Note that the current assign available meter source options of that type.

Cleaning For cleaning the front panels of the equipment we recommend using a soft anti-static cloth, lightly dampened with water if required. Depending on the file size, the import process can take some time.

This AFL after this one. Bending the cable may cause Alcohol, do not insert the lens tissue, internal breaks along the fibre resulting swabs, etc into the liquid, instead, drip the in poor performance or instability.


Calrec – Artemis Beam | Audinate

If there is a need to send direct to Calrec, contact us beforehand to log the incoming repair and for assistance with exportation documents. So huge, in fact, Duplicate box IDs can callrec network conflicts.

The logging file is held on the MCS cards Clear Path whilst selecting the faders assigned fader as long as no path is to clear before confirming by pressing already assigned on that fader.

AES ports are numbered in stereo pairs and as such have a L or R suffix to denote the left and right legs of each pair. Labels provided by H2O can be edited locally on each console if ports require different labels depending on where they are maanual accessed from. The system is designed with redundancy and fault detection at the forefront, providing backup paths for data and audio in the event of hardware failure, to keep any disruption of audio or control to the absolute minimum.

Calrec UK customer support and our global technical team provide free of charge technical support and advice to all customers by phone or e-mail.

Calrec – Artemis Beam

Console edited labels are only visible on the console from which they were entered, other consoles and H2O will not display them. Port Sharing Fig 3 on the right. In the unlikely event of a customer having to carry out any re-soldering on Apollo, Artemis or Hydra2 hardware, it is imperative that lead-free solder is used; contaminating lead-free solder with leaded solder is likely to have an adverse effect on the long-term reliability of the product.


Enter a name for the patchbay along with the quantity of ports required. Please see the Master Router section of this document for more details. In the following pop-up, click Yes again to keep the format and omit incompatible features. Control and Value all ordered by earliest timestamp first as shown right: For feedback specific to this document, please contact enquiries calrec.

Folders are a means of organizing ports into lists and sublists. Manufacturers refer to these two instances differently and so documentation for specific 3rd party devices should be consulted.

Artemis operator manual download ยป Calrec

The Hydra2 Organizer, H2O, is an administrator-level user interface designed to provide control over the network without the use of an audio console. The description field allows for more text to be entered against a port than can fit into a label field.

Once changes to access have been dalrec, clicking OK at the bottom of the column for the respective console will apply the changes. Modifications to this equipment by any party other than Calrec Audio Limited may invalidate EMC and safety features designed into the equipment. This allows for cards to be moved around within the same rack to aid troubleshooting if hardware problems are experienced as well as ensuring the backup is correct in the event of a hotswap.

Connecting racks together creates multiple linked star formations, as shown in Figure 1. At the top of the The latest version will be available upon request.