CatEye product manuals for the entire line of CatEye cycle computers, headlights , safety lights and accessories online support at issue with their Cateye Strada double-wireless after changing the battery? I’ ve tried the instructions, all-clearing the thing, and I’ve looked. If you want to monitor key information about your training rides all in a clean, minimalist, wireless bundle, then feast your eyes on the CatEye Strada Digital.

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The computer flashes Synch Id.

Newsletter Sign up for the Slowtwitch newsletter. It just got flakey in the cold. Just to let you know had the same issue.

The trick is to press the AC button before doing anything. Get wireleas ink pen, nail, or something and push the button all the way in and hold it till you begin to see it sync up with the main unit. I’ll take a look.

Calf muscle pull or tear?

Help! Cateye Double Wireless won’t synch

Login required to started new threads Login required to post replies. Post 2 of 14 views. Find More Posts by sour Doublee tried the instructions, all-clearing the thing, and I’ve looked online for help.

This has been a great unit for several years. You may not post new threads.


CatEye CC-RD400DW [Strada Double Wireless] User Manual

Post 4 of 14 views. I am considering moving from my Strada Cadence for two reasons: Mad Calf Disease How long to recover from a calf heart attack Help with calf issues!

Replaced all 4 batteries, and tried all kinds of sequences to get them to synch – no luck. I pushed the hell out wrieless the sensor reset button – no dice.

And one more heads up. The chap on the phone was very helpful and walked me through the entire sync wirelwss setup process. I’ve tried everything, and I’m really close to some other guy’s solution: The units HATE headlights.

CatEye America | Product Manuals

Find More Posts by tanguy frame. Does anybody have any suggestions? Post 3 of 14 views. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Back To Forum Print Thread.

What happens is you push reset on the computer and after the initial display, it blinks “Synch ID”. Find More Posts by poprad. It has to be more than 20 inches away but not too far that it won’t pick up the signal.

Sorry that I am not much help but I remember how annoying it was for me when I catey to change my battery and re sync it and I think I was able to by moving the computer closer to the sensor. Post 11 of 14 views. But I do remember that mine did NOT work on my trainer which was kind of annoying. Ok Fishes, here is the interview we were all waiting for!! I like how this unit is color segmented.


CatEye CC-RDDW [Strada Double Wireless] User Manual | 17 pages

Was this your first ride with it? Post 14 of 14 views. How I was supposed to understand this from the instruction manual is beyond me but there you go.

If you have changed batteries, then pushing the reset button in dateye enough is the only thing I can think of that would cause the problem. Post 10 of 14 views. Also tried a doublee tyne, a small phillips, and a straightened paper clip.

Find More Posts by deanp. It turns out that the button I needed to push was number 4tech assistance at the number posted above for Cat Eye. I have the same comp and had to leave the comp on the handlebar to get it synched.

What worked in the end was starting the sync proccess and then pushing and holding the reset button on the receiver unit for approx 5 seconds before releasing. Affordable Recovery Boots from Amazon. Post 9 of 14 views.