Here, Stanley Cavell names this new genre of American film–“the comedy of remarriage”–and Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage. Here, Stanley Cavell examines seven of those classic movies for their cinematic techniques, Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage. Pursuits of Happiness: Cavell and Film Criticism. Leland Foague. In “Harvard Film Studies: A Review, ” Brian Henderson justly scores Stanley Cavell (among.

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Paperbackpages. Still, we may ask what happens, if the two fail to be reconciled. Comedy tells us also that the miseries depicted by tragedy loose significance, if we cannot conceive of alternatives, if there is not even cacell glimmer of hope, if the pursuit of happiness is inconceivable. Kaufmann, book 1, section 1.

Who would deny these such correspondences and parallels? A tragic moment suggests itself for him in the fact that it necessarily remains always uncertain to what degree these films will actually help us to navigate rapids of our political existence. Third, philosophy cannot carry the burden of laying foundations for our common existence.

Jul 01, Lesley rated it really liked it. Miriam rated it it was amazing Jul 09, The genre was given its name by the philosopher Stanley Cavell in a series of academic articles that later became a book, Pursuits of Happiness: For what else does it mean when he speaks of politics as tragic in nature?

But the city condemns the philosopher to death and there arises a tragic alienation of philosophy from politics in which both are permanently left poorer.

Geoffrey Hawthorn reviews ‘Pursuits of Happiness’ by Stanley Cavell · LRB 1 April

In these films, it is a very funny one and does. Some are by their nature very close such as the bond of erotic love which makes the lovers wish to become one; other bonds of friendship are casual in nature like the friendship of young people who share their occasional pleasures with each other. We can respond to these questions by arguing, first, that the common description of politics as rule of the state singles out only some aspects of political life, that the micropolitics of everyday life is as much part of political life as the high business of government, and that this is obscured only by our unreasoned adherence to the narrow Platonic-Aristotelian characterization of politics as government.


Cavell’s reading of these films is challenging and delightful. Greek drama offers thus a multiplicity of accounts of the sources of tragedy where Christian and post-Christian thought offers just one. In Wittgenstein, of course, this is a very serious matter and has nothing to do with sex.

The new union assumes rather that both parts are equal in their ability to engage in a conversation in which their union is pureuits at issue.

Books by Stanley Cavell. If so, it would follow that all friendship implies the possibility of a conflict with those who are not friends. As such this bond has numerous and distinct forms.

They originate from two ways of looking at ourselves which are both indispensable and yet also incompatible.

Green Films

It definitely gave me a new way to think about the genre–and exciting way that makes me want to see all the movies again and appreciate them even more. Asked what the Bellamy character in the film, the man who plans to marry his former wife, looks like, Grant replies: Comedy adds to this a very different insight because it looks forward towards new possibilities; it perceives the present in terms of the promises it contains; it recognizes that happiness is never completely achieved but that the pursuit of happiness is always a possibility.

Only what occurs at this upper stratum of the organization of public life is genuinely to be considered politics. The people in the conversation are in one sense cut away from the world, but are also situated in it, and “talking” about the world and themselves in it. So, at least, does Cavell see it.


Its terms appear, in fact, to be Christian rather than Greek. Meanwhile, the conservatives who correctly saw the scope of the change, foolishly blamed same-sex bappiness instead of recognizing that it was the lost legitimacy of their own worldview which got people to see same-sex marriage oursuits legitimate in the first place, making their “critique” less diagnosis and more epiphenomenon.

The heroines of the comedies of remarriage are not public figures; they live for the most outside the political spotlight; they are played, moreover, by actresses recognizable in their own rights but not necessarily as feminist leaders.

Nov 15, Blair rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Importance of Importance. However, this is possible only caell we adopt a new and broader conception of politics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For example, the hapoiness of the conclusion is not suggested by the formula “they lived happily ever after” but rather requires words to the effect that this is the way they lived, where “this” covers of course whatever one is prepared to call the conclusion of the work but covers it as itself a summary or epitome of the work as a whole.

Weber, on the other hand, hapiness on the Christian characterization of moral paradox but no longer assumes its ultimate resolution.