Learn Chinese from Chinese Pod Newbie using the LingQ language learning system to learn from content of interest. These are podcasts from listed here for easy reference. If you’re brand new to Chinese, this level is for you. In the Newbie podcasts your hosts. So from my first week I started off on Chinesepod’s first level: “Newbie”. I didn’t quite find this to be so unique – you’ll have covered this kind of stuff in any.

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Clean Too Many Cooks: Clean I Work in Shanghai Newbie.

Customer Ratings We have not received enough ratings to display an average for this podcast. Do You Like Newbif. In today’s show we are joined by two of our very own CPoddies, RobertK and Gaylon, two guys whose Chinese is amazing, and they share all their secrets Just as Zhang Liang is having doubts about Lili, he finds himself after hours with an attractive female co-worker. Although my practice time with people still always follows a no-English rule.

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Do vhinesepod already have iTunes? Personal Questions and Bargaining. Clean This Haircut Please Newbie. Perhaps you would think that it’s hardly the pre-requisite for becoming a full time language hacker, but I actually feel that my engineering background has been a big contributor for [ Being Seated In A Restaurant. This week we have a visitor stop by from America.


Chinese Pod Newbie , Newbie – Paying the Bill (A)

Overall I have to hand it to the Chinesepod team for doing a great job. Inthere was no such thing as a language learning podcast. Some other aspects I appreciated included note: What Are Your Hobbies.

Beauty Ideals and Ayi. Clean Pandas in Chengdu Newbie. In this level there is a very short dialogue, followed by the hosts explaining in English what everything means, and the lesson usually lasts for about 15 minutes. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Chinesepod were kind enough to give me some sample lessons for the review, and I’ll mention how it went when reviewing and comparing general live-lesson sites, but in general I’d say to use more affordable alternatives.

Choosing a Chinese Name and Safety. Clean New Year’s Resolutions: World Cup Football Terms. View the full lesson notes here: Clean Invitation to Dinner Newbie.

Chinese Pod Newbie , Newbie – Where Do You Live? (A)

There is also a Praxis option that I checked out to access other languages Englishpod, Spanishpod, Frenchpod, Italianpodbut there is way less content in each of these, and no app access at all, which was a major justification for paying as I saw it.

It also justifies many other features I’ve mentioned such as the exercises and community to ask questions of for each podcast, but in cchinesepod end I didn’t use a lot of them myself. Clean Awkward Silence Newbie.


In this illuminating series, the ChinesePod team will help you to master the Chinese phonetic system. I have spent a chunk hcinesepod my own money on Chinesepod, but this is because learning Chinese was a full-time job for me, taking up a huge amount of hours every day.

Learn Chinese

She gives insight on what the ‘Year of the Rat’ means to the Chinese, as well a. Clean Going to the Nebie Having met the team myself and seeing all the work they do, I know they’ll be going strong for quite some time, so I was glad to have gotten the tour of their office while passing through Shanghai, and I hope other companies get some inspiration from them for nebwie ways to present teaching a language!

But vhinesepod you are a casual learner, or realistically spend most of your time on other material, it’s much harder to justify this pricetag. The dialogues are repeated three times, and Ken provides the linguistic insights a learner needs. Treating and Foreigners on TV. Clean Ordering Office Supplies: The list goes on. Clean Where Do You Live?