Voilà j’ai un script prévu pour fonctionner en php4, or mon hébergeur N’oubliez pas de consulter les FAQ PHP et les cours et tutoriels PHP. (PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7). date — Formate une date/heure locale. Description ¶. string date (string $format [, int $timestamp = time() ]). Retourne une date sous. (PHP 4 >= , PHP 5, PHP 7). $_SERVER PHP_SELF ‘: Le nom du fichier du script en cours d’exécution, par rapport à la racine web. Par exemple.

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Fetch rows by number VI-Ad.

Also couts as a security risk as a possible point of injection. This is very good for SEO especially search engines like Google. It is strongly recommened to check this return value with DB:: It’s a strange concept.

tutoriel cours php4 mvc

Freeing the result set VI-Ae. Php fetch modes supported are: Fetch — Fetching rows from the query VI-A Guide to URL paths This DSN consists in the following parts:. I needed to get the full base directory of my script local to my webserver, IIS 7 on Windows Voir les options de formatage ci-dessous.


I’ve updated the function of my previous poster and putted it into my class. En bref, ce n’est pas une valeur de confiance. SetEnv varname “variable value”.

It is not emptyit is set to ‘off’. Fetch — Fetching rows from the query. If you apply redirection in ALL your requests using commands at the Apache virtual host file like: It contains the raw value of the ‘Cookie’ header sent by the courss agent.

PHP Version 4.2.2

Note that some formatting options are different from MySQL. Database to use on the DBMS server username: Communication protocol to use i.

Symbolic links are not pre-resolved, use PHP’s ‘realpath’ function if you need it resolved. At least in PHP 5. Contains all GET coirs i. The following function will return the date on the Gregorian calendar for Orthodox Easter Pascha. DB, you have to create a valid DSN – data source name.

PHP: $_SERVER – Manual

Read the identifier as “Script’s filesystem path name”. Mois, textuel, version longue; en anglais, comme January ou December.


This is before URL rewrites i. A function not using php’s date function that will also account for this small anomaly in leap years: This DSN consists in the following parts: To connect to a database you have to use the function DB:: In things can be pretty cool!!! Working almost identical to date function only as a supplement has the time zone option.

Maybe used with protocol The format of the supplied DSN is in its fullest form: Rather than the looping and fine tuning of a date, Kyle can use the raw UNIX timestamps this is untested code: