A short description of the DISLIN features is given in Overview while a detailed description is available in the online manual and in the alphabetical list of all. This manual describes the data plotting library DISLIN written in the programming languages Fortran and C. The name DISLIN is an abbreviation for. DISLIN PDF Manual – DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces.

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Sources can be found at https: I get a variety of errors depending on how I configure the VS properties, but the main and first error is ifconsol. I’m just using Visual Studiowhere I don’t have such a problem.

Printed Manual | Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

I bought the really excellent manual whihc explains how to install the libraries. This is open-source project xislin by Helmut Michels michels mps. This is because of other program settings. Strange on my system Smath crashes and I am forced to close the program. It seems that the Microsoft linker does not find this library.

Reinstalled again downloading the last release from the site I created this plugin only for 3D plotting but after mankal experiments I see what these functions have a strange behavior with hidden lines. You cannot reply to topics in this forum.


A library you’re linking to was built for one form static vs.

Downloading DISLIN Documentation

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The problem is that dlink only takes as an argument the name of the main program. When attempting to link, there manuao then undefined references to the module. I forgot to say that you should not save the file! Email Required, but fislin shown. Function names lost prefix. The library interface is ugly.

Files worksheet, log, output svg: As for file names, you can use any with some rules.

One of them – double slash. Attachment Size Download Capture.

Moreover I do not find any log. When a program written in Fortran links to Dislin, I use: You are a life saver. I tried one of the examples using IFort As soon as I tried 64 bit – it went to hell in a hand basket. Still got the same error. Thanks a lot and best regards Franco.

You cannot edit your posts in this forum. It is possible fislin write some wrapper for it or make a stand alone region but in these directions will be lost some original functionality. Looking through the Dislin manual I can’t seem to find an answer, any help would be appreciated.


I’m not sure how you even got the path to ifort unless you added it manually. I copied the files to the desktop. Davide Doing as you suggest and renaming the files to c: A complete set of plots in a single plugin, this is wonderful I cannot evaluate the functions, seems something manuxl missing Best regards, Davide If you like my plugins please amnual making a donation to SMath Studio.

The order of calling functions is important. Compiler says it cannot find -ldislin despite everything being in the dislin folder, the libraries being installed correctly, and dlink having successfully linked in the past. If you do so, you might get around the function saving bug since functions will not be exposed to SMath directlyand more importantly, to incorporate all the formatting sislin into a settings menu instead of typing them one-by-one. You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

Online Manual | Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research

Make sure to use the latest version. How do I compile the program in VS ? I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and it works fine for me.