Geometry – Networks, Crowds, and Markets – by David Easley. David Easley, Cornell University, New York, Jon Kleinberg, Cornell University, New York. This MOOC is based on an interdisciplinary Cornell University course entitled Networks, taught by professors David Easley, Jon Kleinberg, and √Čva Tardos. Time and Place: Tu,Th , Soda. Text: David Easley and Jon Kleinberg, “Networks, Crowds and Markets,” ISBN =, Cambridge.

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Strong and Weak Ties 4. There will be a final netowrks. This book is suggested reading for the Coursera class “Social Network Analysis” https: A solid, not terribly mathematical introduction to networks graph theorygame theory, and markets.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

The mathematical models used in the course should be accessible to all participants. There’s an excerpt up at the course page to read into. I myself had previously thought wrongly that Arrow’s impossibility theorem was a much bigger problem for democratic government than I do now; under the altogether reasonable assumption of single-peaked preferences it does not loom so large in fact, or at least when only one dimension is concerned.

It is a comprehensive and thorough read to better understand the complexities of increasing croads in modern living. There are crpwds optional advanced slightly more mathy sections scattered throughout. Vassilis rated it really liked it Dec 04, Apr 15, Rachel Cotterill rated nstworks really liked it.

I would suggest it to anyone interested in economics, philosophy, the social sciences, or anyone who programs. Assignments Assignment 4 – April 5, Due: Be aware that the book is lengthy and structured as a textbook, so madkets is definitely not a light read. To be fair, the authors do, in many places, note that accounting for more complete descriptions of reality is a matter of continuing research.


I highly recommend this book.

Assignment 4 – April 5, Due: Apr 25, Dani Arribas-bel added it. I was also concerned about the reliance on neoclassical-style economic ideas and indeed as the book progresses, there is much, much more “model” than “data”. I found Everything is Obvious: A great introduction to graph theory and its social network applications. I only read the first block, the one on graph theory.

It is amazingly written–it’s geared towards a beginner audience, but is so beautifully motivated and illustrated that it’s enjoyable for all levels. It is also supplied with copious, useful diagrams. Nov 27, Dad rated it it was amazing. Aug 19, Dorothee Lang added it.

I started to read this with an interest of computational study of networksbut later found myself diving into a very powerful stature of concepts and a way of thinking which this book has presented. Over the past decade there has been a growing public fascination with the complex connectedness of modern society. Jan 18, Dogsandbooks rated market really liked it Shelves: Excellent text illuminating and bringing together different aspects of the interplay of easlry incentives and aggregate behavior.

CS Network analysis: Course outline

Link Analysis and Web Search Markets and Information We will aim to cover the following chapters of the text: Lists with This Book. Videos helped a lot need to look at this again when my math is better.


A reading assignment from the text will accompany each lecture.

Oct 06, Jeannie rated it it was amazing. Be the first to ask a question about Networks, Crowds, and Markets.

esaley Jul 10, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi rated it eqsley it Shelves: Feb 15, John rated it really liked it. Cascading Behavior in Networks A good read if you have to understand networks for college without all those mathematical, complicated notations.

At points, the going will get rough and your eyes may glaze over, but there’s little harm to skipping these sections as each chapter is relatively self contained. It is not your average popular science journalism work a la Freakonomics or Outliers. Feb 26, Soroveya Nderitu added it. Croowds Models 1 week The book is a good book to take an overview about networks, Crowds and other things that you can read in the title of the book.

Karp and Christos H. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.

I found myself handpicking chapters from the ToC instead of reading it sequentially, and got a lot of value from it. Networks, Crowds, and Markets Instructors: