Ed Silvoso. likes · talking about this. Public Figure. CHAPTER 11 Prayer Power in Argentina1 by Edgardo Silvoso Edgardo Silvoso, a nativeborn Argentine, is the founding president of Harvest Evangelism.

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We resigned from the Palau Team in order to concentrate whatever time I had left, on our quest to find a way to reach cities for Christ. Retrieved June 6, That evgardo up to injections a month! Retrieved Silvvoso 8, At one point, we found ourselves inside the Provincial Court of Appeals with seven appellate judges, five of whom confessed Christ as their personal Savior. In spite of these victories, we did not see mass conversions.

Serious Illness and Medical Treatments While I was very grateful eedgardo the excellent and helpful medical treatments I received, some of the procedures were as painful as the illness itself. But other churches were ready to scrap tradition and make radical changes in order to cope with the avalanche of new converts.

Welcome to the School of Transformation! Paul Marc Goulet Public Figure.

Riots, murders, sexual abuse, extortion and male prostitution were commonplace. However, God, was in control and the Biblical principle efgardo whatever Satan plans for evil God turns around for good still held.


However, when Edgxrdo looked into the mirror, my natural eyes saw something totally different. Blesssings, Geoff Like Like. I also had to undergo a thymectomy, which is a major surgical procedure.

The persecution gave the Christian inmates legal grounds to request protection in the form of their own cell block — each cell block houses 42 inmates.

We worked very hard to make it a truly interdenominational event. Myasthenia gravis was written all over my body.

Two years ago, on December 21, my precious mother, Teresa Silvoso took her place in the Cloud of Witnesses after receiving numerous crowns for serving the Lord faithfully for 58 years. They also divided themselves into seven teams of six people each. Very soon the weekly Gospel message began to make an impact on the prison population. The combination of prayer and medical treatment had stretched the initial prognosis from two to four years, but I was barely hanging on.

However, Annacondia next moved on to Mar del Plata, where close to 90, decisions were reported. Finally, on Wednesday at midnight I was heading for the training center after dropping Harvey off at his hotel. He had heard that I was leaving the Palau team and wanted to know what he could do to help in the transition!

Catch the Wave of Transformation from the Shores of Hawaii. He led me to specific passages in the Bible and spoke to me from each one of them.


School of Transformation

The Kat Kerr Public Figure. I received the Lord when I was 13 and living in my native Argentina. Harvey Lifsey, president and founder of Christian Dynamics, an evangelistic and discipleship organization at the time based in Southern California, had come to Argentina to teach on prayer.

As we get ready to celebrate this Easter weekend, the highest holiday in our Christian faith, Teo and I wanted to share with you this video. They formed an evangelistic team at the age of seventeen when the country was intensely anti-evangelical.

School of Transformation – Transform Our World

The dream to see a city reached was always in the forefront of my thoughts and prayers. About the School You will learn how to answer the call to bring the kingdom of God to your sphere of influence, beginning with your family. In order to fulfill the Great Commission, we must reach every city on earth with the gospel. On edgaddo occasion, the oral egdardo caused a reaction that almost cost me my life. January 6, at 6: