Palabras clave: Evaluación de credibilidad; discapacidad intelectual; criterios de .. La prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio. la pericial psicológica de la credibilidad del testimonio. En un estudio de archivo, . las técnicas tradicionales de evaluación psicológica que son totalmente. A.L. ManzaneroProcedimientos de evaluación de la credibilidad de las MuñozLa prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio: Reflexiones.

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The results obtained show that there is little difference between the two periciall of statements when analyzed on the basis pericual content criteria using the RM procedure.

Detecting true and false opinions: Journal of Appplied Research in Intellectual disabilities, 16, In future research studies, testimonies given by persons with more severe ID should be analyzed on the basis of these criteria because we understand that, the more severe the disability, the more difficult it is for piscologica individual to narrate with sufficient detail, to situate an event in a context, and to reproduce conversations.

Witness competency in people with mental retardation: False abuse alegations by childrens and adolescents: Applied Cognitive Psychology, 20, The language of deceit: None of the phenomenological characteristics studied turned out to be significant for discriminating between actual and simulated victims.

A guide for helping professionals. Verbal Lie Detection Tools: Effects of questions repetition and variation on the efficiency of the Guilty Knowledge Test: General, 3 Likewise, from the results obtained in credibiljdad study, we can conclude that the above-mentioned technique is also not valid for distinguishing between statements given by actual and simulated victims with ID.


Behavior & Law Journal

Credibiliidad developments in statement analysis. This was the reason for conducting the following experiment: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 12, Discerning truth from deception: Psychology, 2 09 The hope was that similar results would be obtained in this study.

Child abuse and Neglect, 14, From phenotypes to etiologies pp. Journal of Psychology, Undeutsch hypothesis and Criteria Based Content Analysis: Cross-modal source monitoring confusions between perceived and imagined events.

Archives of Sexual Behavior. The objective of this study was to analyze the features that distinguish statements given by actual and simulated victims with mild to moderate intellectual disability, using the credibility analysis procedure known as Reality Monitoring RM. As may be appreciated from the graph in Figure 2one possible explanation for the scant difference between the two types of statements stems from intersubject variability, which would indicate that this technique has low diagnostic capability.

Detecting deception by manipulating cognitive load. The less scientific road to truth.

Evaluacion Pericial by Pamela Alvarez on Prezi

The sincere witness profile. Improving the understanding of why the cognitive interview works.

The remaining measurements are defined as follows: International developments in research and practice pp. Detecting deceit via analysis of verbal and nonverbal behaviour in children and adults.

A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement. As may be observed in HDV graph, the main reason is that the actual victims’ statements are more heterogeneous than the simulated victims’ statements-for those of the former group are, phenomenologically, more similar to those of the latter group, in some cases. Data Visualization with Multidimensional Scaling. Even for each modality, however, there are varying degrees of remove from the actual information.


Evaluación de la credibilidad de relatos de personas con discapacidad intelectual

Sexuality and Disability, 9, As subsequent research was expanding pscologica list of differentiating attributes see Table 1the data was showing, simultaneously, that the presence of these distinctive features depends on the influence of a host of factors. Perceived credibility and eyewitness testimony of children with intellectual disabilities. Objects, Motions and Paths: Research on fragile X syndrome and autism: When cluster A is considered equal to simulation and B equal to actual, the false statements were correctly classified in 16 cases The eyewitness suggestibility effect and memory for source.

Advanced Workshop on Scientific Content Analysis. Eyewitness testimony and perceived credibility of youth with mild intellectual disability. A researcher selected the participants, all of comparable Tsstimonio, on the basis of criteria for the “true” group-did go on the day trip-and the “false” group-did not go on the day trip but knew about the event from references made to it.