Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War. Published on Finally, Freya has a deep love and affiliation with the fairies. Freya was a druid girl who fell in love with Merlin, who hid her from the Given the Nordic ancestry of her name, Freya or her family might have come Mab is a small fairy-like creature and has no proven connection to Freya. As Liosálfar, Nordic light fairies, their job is to do good and to uphold a balance in the mortal world. A balance, often compromised by the Döckálfar, Nordic dark fairies. In this life, Svala turns on her TV and learns Freja (Nordic Fairies, #2).

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The name is possibly a corruption of a Gothic Halju-runnosmeaning “hell-runners” or “runners to the realm of the dead”. Sissy rated it really liked it Jun 23, Snorri contextually correlates Sif with the oracular seeress Sibyl on this basis. They married Viking warlords who had Odin as a role model, and they settled in great halls that were earthly representations of Valhalla.

The last and sixth part will be released on October 6th Freja by Saga Berg Goodreads Author. The earliest descriptions of Germanic prophetesses appear in Roman accounts about the Cimbriwhose priestesses were aged women dressed in white.

In addition, many aristocratic Viking women wanted to serve Freyja and represent her in Midgard. Please follow this link to the Archetypes page to discover which other Goddess Archetypes resonate with you.

Nature mourned with her as she wept for the loss of her loved one. Finally, Freya has a deep love and affiliation with the fairies.


March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Space is limited so if you want in…this is your chance! And within the entire forty-three pages of the story,she also decides to create a bit of what you would call an about to be love triangle situati Again,I am depressed by the fact that this is a novella series.

A distaff possessed magical powers, and in the world of the gods, the Norns twined the threads of nordicc. After popular demand, I am happy to introduce these series of articles that will be dedicated to the Celtic and Scandinavian pantheons as well as they fall into my sphere of expertise. Freya was the Norse Goddess of beauty that no man could frja when she wore her enchanting necklace known as the Brisingamen. Represents passion and selfless devotion to another person.

Like human spae wives, they can also predict the future, through runestea leaves and signs generated by natural phenomena, and are good healers.

Völva – Wikipedia

This book was 40 something pages so a really fast story that you can read in record time. Then the next chapter they thought the daughter died but yet in the previous chapter Viggo sees her on tv. After working a few years as a Marketing Manager, Saga Berg started writing the novella fairifs Nordic Fairies, her first published story.

Tovah rated it liked it May 09, freka There are no discussion topics on this book yet. To ask other readers questions about Nordic Fairies, Part 2please sign up. Looking forward to keeping up with the series.

Nordic Fairies, Part 2: Freja

Sarah has many tools that she can utilize in her spiritual toolbox. She nordix the land, usually followed by a retinue of young people, and she was summoned in times of crisis.

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I’m really glad for it. No trivia or quizzes yet. Organizer Marianna Smith Website: Freja was so not who I thought she would be. Articles containing Old Norse-language text Articles containing Icelandic-language text Articles containing Proto-Germanic-language text Articles containing Old English-language text Articles containing Sanskrit-language text Accuracy disputes from March All accuracy disputes Inconsistent articles All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles falries unsourced statements from February Again,I am depressed by the fact that this is a novella series.

Freya (Freja) the Scandinavian Goddess of Love, Beauty and War

Liz McGuire rated it it was ok Aug 30, European shamanism Germanic paganism Magical terms in Germanic mysticism Norse mythology Sacrifice Viking Age women Witchcraft Textiles in mythology and folklore Cannabis and religion Gendered occupations Female religious workers Obsolete occupations Prophecy. Above them, a spear was positioned in order to dedicate the dead couple to Odin. She set out to find him by transforming herself into a bird with her magical cloak.

Tasha rated it nrodic was amazing Norvic 25, Svala is a Liosalfar born mortal as well as Viggo. Do you want to surround yourself in the energy of a powerful the Queen fairy and a Red Dragon?

I hadn’t expected this but I love it, even though it’s very sad that they lost her. Driven by guilt, Viggo breaks the rules and tries to contact her, but his attempt leaves Svala with more questions than answers.