Channel radio control system instruction manual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba 3PK User Manual. View and Download FUTABA 3PK instruction manual online. 3-CHANNEL RADIO CONTROL SYSTEM. 3PK Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download FUTABA 3PKS instruction manual online. download. Also for: Magnum 3pk super. Remote Control FUTABA 3PK Instruction Manual.

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Although your radio does not have a battery to protect the model memories, it still should have mmanual checkups for wear and tear. Amount of brake return A. It is normal for the module to get slightly warm during use. Futaba will not be responsible for problems caused by the use of other than Futaba genuine parts. Technical updates and additional programming examples available at:.

3ppk Total Timer Total timer The total timer shows the accumulated time from last reset. When ending setting, return to the initial screen by pressing the END button twice for direct selection, press the END button once. Page 62 Menu Level: Page 41 Programmable mix to set up differential steering similar to the brake mixing program futabx for 4-wheel steering or for 2-wheel steering using 2 servos and creating adjustable acumen: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Provide receiver pre-recorded instructions of how to perform futaa the event it does not receive clean, clear transmission from a transmitter on its channel in Futaba PCM language. Model Name Mdl-name Model names may be the same between models; model will still be displayed and will still be different.


Page 5 Function Map Initially set functions DL1: Ni-cad Battery Replacement The Ni-cad battery is connected by manuaal connector so that it can be removed when you will not be using the transmitter for a long time, or when replacing a dead battery with a spare battery. Function assigned to button No. Use this function when a mechanical off- set has occurred for some reason.

Turn it back on. If the transmitter is abnoemal or faulty, contact your Futaba dealer. Regular stop watch timer. Counts negatively once desired time is passed below 0. Channel 3 position “CH3” 3rd channel system The channel 3 servo position can be set from the transmitter.

The servo view can also be displayed on the initial screen by using the system function See page Steering When the fail safe function operates, the steering wheel,: Display indication that CAM Pac is installed and being read by the transmitter. Throttle ATL Function “ATL” Throttle system This function decreases the set value when the braking effect is strong and increases the set value when the braking effect is weak.

When DL2 is assigned another function, this 3pkk can be set with this screen. Page 63 To use your transmitter on a different channel you simply purchase another module on that other channel and the radio is now properly tuned and safe and easy to use on that other channel as well.


It has no effect on the servo maximum operation amount.

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Custom Menu Custom Menu A menu matched to the purpose custom menu can be created by using the menu cus- tomize function. After reading this manual, maanual it manuaal a safe place. Warn user the receiver battery is getting so low that safe vehicle operation will soon end. Thank you, Horizon Hobby. This mixing uses the 2nd channel to control the rear brakes and the 3rd channel to control the front brakes. Use idle-up to increase the idle for starting only.

S” Throttle system When the brakes are applied while cornering with a 4 Wheel Drive or other type of vehicle, understeer may occur.

Futaba 3PK 2.4GHz User Manual – Download

Operation Offsets the throttle neutral position to the forward side or brake side. Page 57 Base Load Antenna: Current selected model only.

Two programmable mixing systems can be used. Page 66 – ABP: While pressing this part. The function set-up screen can be directly and quickly called with the special buttons for each of the eight functions, they can be freely selected as the Direct Selection Button function.

X and Y ratio Y: