Prayer has ratings and 53 reviews. Cynthia said: O. Hallesby wrote a masterful treatise on prayer. I have a whole ceiling to floor bookshelf devoted. Here is a great list of quotes and sayings from Ole Hallesby. Nor is it our prayer which moves Jesus to come in to us. All He needs is access. He enters in of. In a book geared toward people that struggle in their personal prayer life, the author aims to clear readers’ minds about their need for prayer and strengthen their.

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The School of Prayer. Trending Quotes to Share.

22 Ole Hallesby Quotes |

That would’ve been a shame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What I retained about it then was the explanation that prayer is helplessness — we pray when we realize we are unable to change things in life, and we ask God’s help, lrayer can change things.

He prayed three times to be relieved of his thorn in the flesh. I also recall encouraging my father-in-law when he was downcast because he was no longer able to be active in all the life of the church as he had been.

April 19, in How to PrayJesusO. That is why He designed prayer halleeby such a way that the most impotent can make use of it. Prayer is an invitation for Jesus to sup with you as he already desires to do. He knows our frame; He remembers that we are dust. Even Jesus prayed three times for the cup to depart. What he writes about helplessness is worth the price of the book alone. I felt some important aspects were not covered like tongues and God’s desire to have a relationship with His childrenbut not surprising since the book is fairly small.

Ole Hallesby

If you can get your hands on a copy of it I’d recommend you read the first chapter or two and see what you think. I plan to re-read it very soon if not immediately. In part, Hallesby writes, this is due to several difficulties: Jun 07, Jim Layman rated it really liked it. Prayer is not a solitary activity. Prayer can be the central theme of our life, that which ties everything else together. September 10, in O. In fact, what he gets right in this book more than makes up for his theological deficiencies.


Ole Hallesby was a Lutheran neo-orthodox pietist who taught at the Free Faculty of Theology from to I sought to encourage her that, though home-bound, she could still play an important role in the life of the church by study and prayer.

Many enjoy the wonders of a revival and want to be associated with the “fireworks”, but few are ready to do the preparatory praying that make a revival lasting. Most halleesby the church supported Hallesby’s view of hell, though some did not support the wording in his speech. Jun 24, Leroy Seat halpesby it liked it Shelves: I heard of the book briefly on an episode of Christ the Center this su This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. HallesbyPrayer Quotes Leave a comment. Foster From the Foreword “Is your personal prayer life giving you problems?

O. Hallesby | Pray for Revival!

Hallesby has a wonderful treatment of this as he does of many of the biblical passages treating prayerending with a helpful treatment on prayer and fasting, the last being a lost discipline among the broader Christian public. September 28, in O. Indeed, the very last way out.

Prayer is commanded corporately, in public worship, privately, and secretly WCF Why should we pray? It is not a terrible read, wordy but easy to read and certainly full of hope and love, I hallesyb did not gain much from it.

I read this for the first time years ago. This alone is sufficient to make it clear to us that the work of intercession can be done only by those who are willing in spirit.

But we do not enter upon that labor in prayer which is the essential preparation for every revival Prayer, I would quote a bit of it here — and I started to, but I wasn’t sure where I’d stop. Oddly, it doesn’t touch on the Lord’s Prayer or the Psalms as instructive of prayer, but this book was never intended to be exhaustive. I learn something new in almost every book, which shows us that prayer is a deep, highly individual topic and one can never claim to fully understand or to perfectly carry out the prayers of a warrior.


A series of study questions for each chapter, under the rubric of Review, Examine, Apply, Compare, and Think have been added in more recent editions of the book.

Despite being published by Augsburg Fortress, there was nothing too heterodox in the writing, apart from the occasional emotional language. HillmanCoral G. Yet, we also should pray about the little things in life like lost keys. User Review – Flag as inappropriate Many recent books on prayer quote Ole Hallesby’s book on Prayer and for good reason.

Does God need intercessory prayer? This is one of the best books that I have ever read on prayer, and likely to be of significant comfort and help to saints struggling with the holy calling of prayer. I’ve found it helpful for my prayer life; I’m sure it would be even more helpful if I consciously tried to apply the suggestions it gives.

Book Four certainly has these characteristics, as a result I found myself speed reading and only flicking through. Oct 18, Nathan Feaver rated it it was amazing.

Reflections on the Healing Ministry Robert J. God both initiates prayer and is its answer. For to pray is to open the door unto Jesus. A good devotional classic on prayer, if a bit scattered for my tastes. This book is well worth your time.