Version, Transmit, Receive. USA. –,. –*1. (L): – (R): –, –, –*3. Australia. –,. –*2. ICOM ICH product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Icom IC H Radio Transceiver. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Mic problems sorted, D-Star provides superb audio, but it requires ideal conditions to deliver the goods. It works as a radio should i have it meanly for dstar.

On icok downside, the controls are small and difficult to use while driving. Ucom mode and worth the effort. I contacted the repair center in Michigan, they suggested a reset. I would recommend this rig if you live in the sticks but not in the city as I find intermod renders it unusable at times. One touch reply function The one-touch reply function makes it easy to respond to a calling station instantly.

Icom IC 2820H Radio Transceiver

The addition of a 3u3 – 4u7 capacitor is pretty much mandatory and the capsule icmo, experimental perhaps. Xband repeat is as simple as pushing 3 buttons in at same time.

Location information exchange The ICH sends your location information either when the mic PTT switch is pushed, or at a preset interval 5 seconds – 30 minutes.


Once the conditions fall below a certain level, D-Star is sucked into a black hole, not a flaw, just the nature of the system. I get almost 60 watts on some portions of both bands. Straight out of the icim it became self-evident that the mic is typical Icom quality, Chinese junk. Band scope function The band scope function lets you watch conditions near the receiving frequency and visually assists in finding other stations. Everything seemed ok until I realized I was only receiving every other transmission of his.

Fast forward a few months. The band scope function lets you watch conditions near the receiving frequency and visually assists in finding other stations. Also, the cost is somewhat high when you consider that to add D-star, you need the UT module – an optional extra. One final comment, having been on D-STAR and I suppose any digital format I would not like to return to FM analogue – for mobile use it is the best, audio is great regardless of the signal strength, no picket fencing, it just works.

The diversity function compares the receiving signal strength from two different antennas, ANT1 and ANT2, and automatically selects the strongest signal.

They do not show that once the board is installed there are two ico that hold the board down, the pictorial just shows it plugging into the slot, no screws shown. Immediately back to thesame as before.

It appeared to fix the problem.

ICH Dual Band FM Transceiver – Features – Icom America

This makes clean and neat installation easy! While I like the larger display of the H, I find that dual band dual receive is a pain, as I was always turn up one band and turning down the other to listen to the audio when mobile.


My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. As noted elsewhere the GPS plugs into the front of the main radio unit so is a real pain 28220h the headunit is attached as well.

IC-2820H Downloads

In addition, tuning knobs and buttons for each band are arranged side-by-side, providing intuitive operation.

The controller has magnets on the rear panel, allowing you to attach the controller to the main unit or other metal objects. This radio comes with full function backlit HM remote DTMF hand mic, mounting bracket, power cord and spare fuses. Of course, bank scanning is also possible. Contact the site with comments or questions. In addition, up to 20 received callsigns are automatically stored as received call records. FM transmission is not affected by this mod. It is a seriously overpriced rig, and I think the price hike puts the rig beyond the budget range of many hams.

The controller is separated from the main unit for flexible installation.