Download KG manuals, documents, and software. installation and operation of your LG product, please refer to the Owner’s Manual and other documents. Download KG manuals, documents, and software. Owner’s Manual is a basic instruction that contains the product installation and usage. PDF type. View and Download LG KG user manual online. Mobile Phone with MP Camera, Tri-band, FM Radio, Polyphonic Ringtones. KG Cell Phone pdf.

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Put the battery cover on the battery and push it slightly upwards.


Youcan configure up to 5 alarms. You will need the Security code toactivate this function. You can divert a call. Open the cover on the accessory port on the left side of the phone guife plug.

Deletes all video files. With your phone turned off, press in on the battery cover og290 1 on the. Call History Call history You can check the record of missed, received, and dialled calls only if the network supports Calling Line Identification CLI within the service area.

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Youwill need to contact your serviceprovider. Note The metal contact of the SIM card can easily be damaged by scratches. Please do not try to disconnect the cable while you are transferring files.

Forwards to message centre. Volume Controlling the volume FM frequency and Channel channel number which is now playing If you press options, you can view Menu 4. You can insert a newsheet of slide before or aftercurrent slide. Signal strengthYou can check the strength of yoursignal by the signal indicator on the left top of your phone screen. Enter the contents of the memo.


Page 58 Messagingfrom Contacts, or Recentmessages to send a text message. To remove the battery.

The specifiedalarm sounds at the scheduled time. Uset recorded, a video clip can be sent byMessage or Bluetooth. These functions are onlyavailable if supported by your SIMcard. The software may be blocked or switch itself on when Java applications not specifically developed for the phone this manual refers to are downloaded, making it EffectOff, Sepia, Mono, Negative.

Enter the new PIN code andpress. Alarm clock Usrr you set the alarm, the on the indicator bar.

LG KG Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Jordan

Page 30 General FunctionsIn gkide mode with the phone open,you can adjust the key volumeusing. Your SIM card contains your phone number, kkg290 details and contacts and must be inserted into your handset. This function allows you to checkthe cost of your last call, all calls,remaining and reset the cost. You can insert new multimedia files that you create instantly to the Voicemail number You can receive voicemail if your network service provider supports this feature. Depending on the service provider, all Java based programs such guidd Java games can be downloaded and You can insert videos thatare available for short messages.


From the main menu you can also go into a submenu by directly pressing thecorresponding numeric key as follows. Adding a new folder1.

Effect Off, Sepia, Mono, Negative. Voicemail numberPush message Menu 5. Access codes You can use the access codes described in this section to avoid unauthorised use of your phone.

My stuff] Multi delete: Your phone will not beepeven though you have receivedinfo service messages. Network Profiles While being based on a standard language J2MEnot all Java applications are compatible with uset handsets on sale insofar as specific libraries may be used for a telephone model. Charging the BatteryBefore connecting the travel adapterto the phone you must first installthe battery. Standard BatteryTravel AdapterThis chargerallows you kg29 batterywhilst awayfrom home oryour office.

Data Information Call history Data information Menu 2. Memory in use Menu 1. You can deleteall the read messages.

You can sort the files by date, type or name. You can view the selectedmessage.

LG KG290 User Manual

Contactscan hear the group ringtone for thecontacts you assign to group and groupringtone. You can add a new word to dictionary.

Page 35 Overview of Menu FunctionsYou can launch a menu by pressingin guidee idle screen. Using this menu, youcan delete the paired Bluetoothdevice.

Select the Weight menu.