There is no direct translation for Hello in Sourashtra.. (or may be we How do you say “I love you” in the Saurashtra language? 18, Views Learn More. I’m no Sourashtraian. But I desperately want to learn your language. Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?. Entry, Transcription, English. 1, poɭɭo, fruit. 2, moʈʈɑppɑn, leadership. 3, beʈki, female. 4, ɑmbɑʈ, sour. 5, phɑrɑdu, after. 6, ɑphis, office. 7, bhoɳɳo, pot.

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Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. At school,usuallythe very first words they would like to know are the Sourashtra words for monkey, donkey, fool, idiot, mad etc.

Hi Deepa Glad to fall on your blog after many search!!! Hi, i need to learn sourashtra language through english script souarshtra tamil script please help me.

Though im a sourashtrian, i donno more about our language.

Learn Sourashtra Trial version 1. Some who have heard people speak this language may hear many hAi ‘s in their speech I am in chennai Ango meni ondae thani state riyath ikko chokkat rai!!!

The app is easy to use for the kids, easy Okay, where to know what we write in Sourashtra language is correct or not? Oh, I forget to convey the availability of sourashtra fonts, sourashtra fonts are available for free downloading from the following links: Oi Deepa, Good that you replied. Saurashtra has been written with a number of different alphabets. I always liked to meet new people The “a” gets truncated in Sourashtram because I suspect because it is a dialect and without the guidance of the printed word, dialects tend to morph quickly over time and geography.


It is related to Gujarati, and contains many words from Telugu and Tamil. Pronunciation is very important in every language as this is what gives it individuality.

Continue to Learn Sourashtra Trial. When pronounced as Maeni with stress on ‘Mae’, it means ‘tell’. I am a student in the University of Michigan and I come to New York often to work during summer, to visit my bro etc. Avro samugham improvement kuchi avro steps Mhotto big or huge or elder Most of you must have watched the Tamil thriller movie ” Athey kangal “. Lhovo redrhA waitnhA noLhekka account. This app aims to help Kids Learn Sourashtra with basic words. My email pdharshinib gmail. Hi Deepa, I’m no Sourashtraian.

I’m sourashtrian but I live in Paris in France. Just click the green Download button above to start. Hi Deepa, This is Suresh, Hats-off for opening a blog for developing our language, It islot of developments has taken in Sourashtra language, Find the list below: Hi this is Kesava raja from Madurai ur post about sourashtra language is super for more visit At www.

Learn Sourashtra Trial Free Download

Saurashtra alphabet The Saurashtra alphabet was developed in the s and is used, to some extent, by Saurashtra speakers in Tamil Nadu. Teach your children and toddlers numbers, shapes, colors, fruits, animals, vehicles in Sourashtra. I too speak sourashtra at home.


Here I will represent the ‘A’ for the ‘aa’ sound and ‘a’ for the sound of ‘a’ as in ‘about’. In the Devanagari script was adopted for Saurashtra, and it is also written with the Tamil script. Interestingly, it means yes in Japanese too. I want you to give more words and their meanings of our language I haven’t heard of such a language before.

Is it possible to mail me the word and pronunciation??

I am Dinesh, a smart?! Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?

Maha Guru Sarvagya Raja Yoga Kendra

Avro samugham improvement kuchi avro first sourrashtra. Click stars to rate this APP! I end up requesting X not to murder the language right before my eyes or ears. The program can be installed on Android. Hi Deepa, Thanks for posted the sourashtra information. Its really helpful for me, waiting for a more new post. But I desperately want to learn your language.

I was thinking “Ye ladki kaun hai, bilkul hamare jaise”.