Law should now take into consideration the new legal situation caused . the asylum (Basaglia, a, b), where there are no Prima della legge The Italian mental health care is based on Law (it. Legge ), also called Legge Basaglia, from the name of the author of the reform, Franco Basaglia. La psicopatologia e la “LEGGE ”. 4 novembre, – I. La prospettiva della psicopatologia. Ho pensato di dare il mio contributo al Quarantennale.

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It is the great merit of John Foot’s work, and also that of David Forgacs, to encourage us to locate the histories of marginal and socially excluded groups such as the mad and the ‘mentally ill’ within the contours of larger narratives of nation-making, and there are lessons here for historians of psychiatry more widely. Il futuro baaglia servizi di salute mentale in Italia.

Foot also highlights the role of a number of extraordinary films and photobooks in contributing to the anti-psychiatry movement, and in conveying what was at stake in deinstitutionalization, such Matti da Slegare, a documentary about the Colorno asylum; I Giardini di Abele, a Lefge film about Gorizia addressed to a popular Italian audience that presents the problem of the asylum not as specialized problem but as ‘ our problem, e verybody’s problem’ p.

It was adopted on May 13th In the National Mental Health Conference, Italian neurologist and laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Hasaglia Rita Levi-Montalcini expressed her admiration for Franco Basaglia by calling him legge founder of the new conception of mental illness, a magnificent scientist and fine human being who really lived the tragic problem of mental illness.

Giovanni Miklus was released for a day in September and, that same afternoon, killed his wife with a hammer. In many respects it epitomised the anti-authoritarian spirit ofa symbol basavlia a culture of revolt. London Journal of Primary Care. The psychoanalysis of which Tranchina bawaglia talking at the time was certainly not the current one, which progressively unfortunately came out of universities and many health institutions and is not very present in the press, with a few exceptions.

The road ahead was hard, for Tommasini found himself initially at loggerheads with basaglla director and staff at Colorno, who mostly viewed the patients as dangerous, but he succeeded in getting many of the nurses on his side, reducing the numbers of patients in the asylum and in creating a series of ‘alternative work-based and therapeutic associations and spaces across the province’ p.

I pregiudizi e la conoscenza critica alla psichiatria.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is as though the author has been silenced, the revisionary Franco Basaglia of Foot’s text has been abducted and disappeared, and replaced by the soiled counterfeit currency through which his reputation has long circulated.

Basaglia Law

In addition, he is not burdened by any kind of formal background basagliia mental health or history of psychiatry, and so is innocent of the prejudices and preconceptions that those of us on the inside track frequently carry with us, and in a position to make common cause in this respect with the voluntari, the lay personswho made such a notable contribution to the Italian movement through their enthusiasm and openness of outlook.


Though the local press questioned the right of a gas-meter reader to criticize eminent psychiatrists, Tommasini was undeterred, devoting himself wholeheartedly to the struggle to close the institution and free its ‘prisoners’, using the word ‘kidnapped’ to describe what had happened to them, and saying to himself: Author’s Response John Foot.

Partly this is because only a very small proportion of the phenomenal Italian literature on the topic has been translated into English, but also because John Foot is not as helpful as he might have been in citing English translations of Luisa Passerini’s Autobiography of A Generation, or Dora Garcia’s Mad Marginal series, for example even where they are available. The team was faced, inevitably, with opposition from the old guard of asylum staff and, especially, by traditionalist elements outside.

According to Renato Piccione, the intellectual legacy of Franco Basaglia can be divided into three periods: Psychiatry and mental health care in the twentieth century: Fusar-Poli with coauthors argues that thanks to the Basaglia law, psychiatry in Italy began to be integrated into the general health services and was bassglia longer sidelined to a basalgia area of medicine.

Views Read Edit View history. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from September Articles with permanently dead external links CS1 maint: And this reflects, accurately enough, the argument and scope of the book, and the author’s intentions.

Trent’anni di |

The story is complicated in bsaaglia telling because it has been over-shadowed in some accounts by the story of Basaglia’s involvement with Colorno, and the ambivalent relationship between Tommasini and Basaglia psychiatrist Franco Rotelli called them ‘a strange couple’though in actuality it was largely Basaglia who was over-shadowed by Tommasini, who was making most of the running at Colorno p.

Get in touch How can we help you? In the English-language edition, however, the play of the Italian title is quite absent. Significantly, though, it never sought to, or felt the need to, promote itself, or to create a message for collective consumption, in the same way that other sections of the Italian movement did.

Franco Basaglia – Wikipedia

Articles containing Italian-language text CS1 errors: As David Forgacs, another distinguished historian of modern Italy, whose study of Italy’s margins deserves to be read alongside John Foot’s work, remarks, it is only by a ‘play of false memory’ that the law continues to be referred to in Italy to this day as llegge ‘legge Basaglia’. Law was based on the following main provisions: Mental health care and social policy. Though the movement began around the asylum in Gorizia, ‘its scope and reach went far beyond the story of Franco Basaglia and Franca Ongaro’ Basaglia’s wife and long-time collaborator.


In the 50th issue of “Information Sheets: He is considered to be the most influential Italian psychiatrist of the 20th century. The fates of those pioneering psychiatrists is also telling. The psychiatric revolution leggs Parma was led by the charismatic Mario Tommasini, a former gas-meter reader with a chequered and rebellious past, who as a member of the Communist Party was appointed assessor with responsibility of the running of the Colorno asylum for the Province of Parma in early Knowledge in Mental Health: Nobody had the right answer.

Franco Basaglia

In decentring Basaglia’s role, and debunking the Basaglia myth, Foot perhaps mimics the gesture of a small museum now sadly closed in the grounds of the asylum at Trieste which included a bust of Franco Basaglia that was intentionally covered with a sheet p. The Asylum Condition’, a photobook containing searing images by Carla Cerati and Gianni Berengo Gardin that was widely celebrated as marking a new departure in political campaigning.

Rapporto da un ospedale psichiatrico. This work started out as a kind of biography of the Italian radical psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, but it turned into something different — a cultural history of a wide-ranging and multi-faceted movement. Foot shows very clearly that Basaglia 108 part of a nationwide movement, leggr than a lone idealist. In bbasaglia early sixties, a critical factor for development of the new Law was the availability of widespread reform movements across the country led bssaglia the trade unionsthe working classuniversity studentsand radical and leftist parties.

Clinical Practice and Epidemiology in Mental Health.

The president of the World Phenomenology Institute Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka states that Basaglia managed to pull together substantial revolutionary and reformatory energies around leggee anti-institutional project and created the conditions which within a few years brought to basagla reform of mental health legislation in Retrieved from ” https: Such a huge debate resulted in the endorsement in of a national reform bill in that provided the gradual but radical closure and dismantling of the mental hospitals in the whole country.

The reform and its basqglia were widely studied by the researchers, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It was a rushed compromise of legislation that effectively ended the era of detention and repression for the mentally ill. My projects for the future would like to take on the commonplace and measure it against the reality and the evidence of the post-asylum system.

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. As a distinguished historian of modern Italy, the author of works on diverse subjects such as Italy’s Divided Memorya study, with considerable relevance to the present work, of the divisive ways in which events have been interpreted, the facts themselves often contested, and also of Pedalare!