LEGO set database: King Kahuka’s Throne. Find great deals for Lego – King Kahuka’s throne. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for LEGO Pirates Islanders King Kahuka’s Throne (). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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An outstanding set because who doesn’t love islanders.

And now, the main part of the set, the throne! I think this is wonderful.

LEGO SET 6262-1 – King Kahuka’s Throne

What a wonderful review with smart showing the right parts and clear pictures. I picked mine up for only 5 pounds along with Crocodile Cage and King Kahuka, but I can’t help you with the original price. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I don’t think I would enjoy Lego as much if I didn’t have a decent amount of kits from pre The Legp A nice selection here. A nice selection here.

The rock sculpture looks fantastic as well. I may hunt for it on ebay.

Peeron: King Kahuka’s Throne (#)

First, The Pirates’ Boat The boat is really nice. Edited August 17, by Erdbeereis. Let’s join the Pirates as they try to steal the sacred treasure from the Islanders’ hands. Secondly, the throne itself can be easily combined with the other Islander sets or even with other pirate and non-pirate sets.


Bricker – Construction Toy by LEGO King Kahuka’s Throne

Posted October 28, Looks to me that no one on BL has it in Australia for sale so I may pass on this beauty. I don’t know the original price.

Not many sets of this size contain so much figs. I really like the Islanders’ torso and leg prints. I think these Islander sets never got the credit they dserved.

I really like this set and it’s a great addition to the Pirate collection. Well, it looks like the Pirates walked all over the Islanders and stole their treasure First of all it contains a large amount of very useful minifigs.

Thanks, and happy building! Unfortunately, I was not able to locate the Euro or Pounds price. It seems less setup somehow than the instructions these days. I love these reviews of old set, and this one is especially unique.

No flaws that I can think of right away. Instructions I think the image on the front is very good. Makes me want 6226 go to ebay and buy it now!


Lego 6262 – King Kahuka’s throne

I wonder who Kahuka’s make-up artist is For example, the zebra print tile, as well as the pirate flag nowadays would almost certainly be stickered. I like all the Islander sets, and own quite a few myself! This is a feature that I liked in the manual, it shows legl overhead view of the baseplate so it’s much easier to find where to put the piece.

I had to vote outstanding on this set because it simply is, great minifigs, a cool head sculpture and a nice little boat means unlimited playability, great review though man! Sign in Already have an account? It really adds a lot to the set. Another very nice review, and im glad to see it has some nice pieces as well as characters too.