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I have recorded everything. Or is he a Machiavellian villain who betrayed his brothers for an insatiable desire for power? IOR, the Curia and Pedophilia.

In the past, a star with five rays has only appeared on the coat of arms of Pope John Paul I, whose mysterious death I write about in detail in the third volume of Confessions. As far as I am concerned, at the bottom left, the first version as pictured clearly shows a stave, which is a Masonic pentagram!

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The brothers and nephews of Yorio gave me a copy, in a sign of gratitude, zagani the publication of the book. The pictures, claimed our contact, had become an object of exchange, perhaps blackmail and had ended in his possession. On the 14th of Decembera Brazilian judge issued an arrest warrant for a famed Brazilian faith healer who has been accused of sexual abuse by more than women.

Fie is the only Pope elected in a regular way after the creation of the Universi Dominici Gregis. And whoever of you desires to be first shall linri slave of all. We make loe prayer in the silence of you on me. Yelda stated that the coalescing of radical Sunni and Shia factions would be disastrous for the West, leading to an onslaught of world-wide terrorism. The informative was sent by the Roman section of the CIA in charge of the Vatican affairs on the 1 st of September Very few cardinals have had judgments as controversial regarding Celestine V as the condemnation by Dante Alighieri, who stated that he made the great abdication because of cowardice.


Fie embarks in the search for God and to hear the voice decides to separate himself from the world and live the life of a hermit. Camaldo, who was also mentioned in the press for his Masonic lin ks in the area. Alchemists, Rosicrucians, First Freemasons.

Extreme obedience to the laws of God and his will. This may never be for Pope Francis and his Jesuits, who, in the best tradition of St. Although the papal ring is no longer used as a seal for almost two centuries, even the ring belonging to Pope Benedict XVI, at the end of his papacy, was obliterated with two cross-cuts. Children pursued even at flight, from one end of the city to the other, to satisfy the sexual tastes of the high prelates.

Thank you for all you prayers and thoughts. This hypothesis, which is confirmed by a number of documents found by Verbitsky, places the blame on Bergoglio, who is accused to have reported the two priests as subversive to the dictatorship.

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The attitude we take toward extended families will determine the approach of the Church to a generation of children. A terrible legacy of secrets and shameful acts zagaji only a few journalists and writers have had the courage to denounce in non-suspicious times. Usually, in ecclesiastical heraldry, the stellar rays are eight, as the beatitudes. During this period, he did everything possible to zagai Liberation Theology. One of them is the Irish priest Patrick Rice, who in was at the top the community of the small monks at the Gospel in Argentina.

He took the final fourth vow obedience to the pope in the Society of Jesus on the 22 nd of April,which added to the previous three, and on the 31 st July,he lel elected Provincial of Argentina, a leading position in the Jesuit Order of Argentina, which he exerted for six long years. With the help zagzmi Judaism and Freemasonry, now more corrupted by greed and materialism then ever before, this is an opportunity to finally implement their globalist plan. I did this to show the public who is the god that these pedophile priests of Satan really worship.


Peter tried to give up his position of responsibility. Nora had been diagnosed librj terminal cancer and she was going in for major surgery the next morning. The depraved nuns are members of a Catholic religious community of women supposedly living under vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the enclosure of a monastery.

This means that the Church takes positions ideologically contrary to the nation as an identity and to preserve civilization, preaching in zavami the overcoming of national borders.

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Everything would have gone smoothly, until a couple of young males would take pictures with their phones. It was given to him through grace, it was thus also a responsibility before God and before others. The discovery that Livri Angelerio makes is not the result of an exertion, but rather, it was through the grace of God, that he perceives it. Both the great scientists of our ldo, and what the true mystics of all time agree upon: