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TV is not and should not be reality. This is why Ms.

Acide Sulfurique by Amelie Nothomb

This isn’t and the bullshit “he really loved Big Brother” message of absolute doom, she really finds a way to wrap everything up with a neat little bow and actually finish the story with a more or less happy ending. Boycotting things just gets them more attention and in return they become more popular. Feb 21, Chas Smash rated it really liked zcide. To ask other readers questions about Acide sulfuriqueplease sign up. Acide Sulfurique Product Features: Sulphuric Acid is several things at once: One of the prisoners has captured the nation, and the eye of one of the guards.

Zdeno wants onthomb know Pannonique’s real name and she’s ready to do anything to find out, going as far as killing prisoners who are close to Pannonique. I just loved everything about it, and I especially loved that there was a strong female lead acire was obsessed over, like an object, who refused to be objectified, or give up on her morals.

I love any and all indictments of reality TV, let me just say that first aide. It could be a coincidence. Acide sulfurique deals with pretty much the ultimate reality TV show: A brilliantly observed dark satire that it perhaps even more current – and possible – now than when it was written.


How we can’t stop doing something bad particularly because we know it’s bad and we want to stop, but the pleasure we get from doing it is exhilarating. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Many ideas inserted in her books come from sullfurique conversations she had with an Italian man, from late eighties and during the nineties. Worth a look — and so short that it’s sulfuriqus done with — but not up to her usual standards.

Don’t have an account? So it is a story of obsession and the dynamics of relationships, especially when they are based on unequal power. Nothomb really captures the nation’s hypocrisy in decrying the evil of the programme, whilst still tuning in in record numbers, summed up in this quote from Part Five of the book: Ma non ha deluso me che proprio quello temevo. Nothomb moved often, and did not live in Europe ssulfurique she was 17, when she moved to Brussels.

Naturally, the viewers lap this up, and the ratings go even higher — even as she challenges them to shut this crap off. Everyone should read it at least once! She would be God in every respect. Sponsored products for you. Acide wulfurique – France. Di essere stupidi a rimanere in piedi con certe idee That treatment works in bothomb of Nothomb’s novels, but she’s just shooting for way too much here — and is basing it all on a premise that can’t be treated so lightly — for her to be able to get away with it as is.


In her sixteen other publications, humanity fails dismally in the end. Das macht es mir allerdings auch sulfuriwue das Buch zu bewerten. You are the true kapos! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use aide Privacy Policy.

So, this had promis My first 1 star book of the year.

Want to Read saving…. This is not one of my favorites, but as always, reading her is a pleasure in itself, for her choice and use of language. There, she reportedly felt as much a stranger as everywhere else.

Dr Tony Shaw: Amélie Nothomb: Acide Sulfurique ()

Pues si nos quedamos mirando, nos sulfkrique en nuestros propios asesinos. Pero lo importante es que he disfrutado mucho el trayecto. Nov 19, Santiago Moreno rodriguez rated it it was amazing. She would be God in every respect.

It has a wonderful way of making the audience of the reality show a schizofrenic and unpredictable character of the plot acixe the novel. And here it is gentleman! She has a go at playing God, adide then settles for the Christ-role and, yes, there’s a red-wine miracle too Detto questo lo stile della Nothomb si vuole sferzante e diretto, con alcune aperture al lirismo.

Shipped off in cattle cars, they find themselves in what in every respect except the countless cameras following their every move amounts to a Nazi concentration camp.