Jonah and Katherine come face to face with Albert Einstein in the fifth book of the New York Times-bestselling The Missing Caught (The Missing) [Margaret Peterson Haddix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jonah and Katherine come face to face with Albert. The Missing is a series of fictional young-adult novels written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The series continued with book titles Sent, Sabotaged, Torn, Caught, Risked (originally intended to be titled Kept), and Revealed. The eighth and.

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The Missing (novel series) – Wikipedia

Another reason I found this book entertaining was because even though Katherine was a year younger than Jonah, but she was able to make sense out of the confusing laws of time travel much better than Jonah could. Then Emily, one of the other girls from the time cave, appears in the room, telling Jonah and Katherine she was sent back by JB, who told her she would find out what she needed to know when she arrived at her destination.

I felt like I was unraveling a murder mystery – or rather a time mystery. JB then tells the four that he wants Jonah and Katherine to help the next missing child, Andrea Crowell, return to her place in history. They learn Second’s story: Caught is a fast-paced read. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Staying true to its name, Jonah’s real identity as a missing child is finally “revealed” in this book; an orphanage baby from who was kidnapped to be passed off as Charles Lindbergh’s son.


Jonah and Katherine, still invisible, poke through the Einsteins’ private papers after they go to bed, and then follow Mileva through the streets of Bern onto the train to Novi Sad in the morning. As Mileva enters the apartment, she bumps into Jonah, who has commanded his Elucidator to make him and Katherine invisible; he drops the device, which has made itself look like a compass to disguise itself, and Mileva picks it up.

Another major conflict was how to get back to the 21st century. The best part of the story, in my opinion, was when Mileva figures out time travel and helps the kids to set history back on track.

I read more of her books besides this series. You’ve successfully reported this review.

The Missing (novel series)

I don’t see how Mileva Einstein was able to fix all the time problems. I personally didn’t know it was a series till i looked at the back.

Through the Ever Night. It rather involved how the laws of time were being broken, and how one specific thing Jonah does actually leads to certain events in the future. The Missing is a series of fictional young-adult mmargaret written by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Jonah is a 13 yr old boy 12 when the series started and his sister Katherine is faught 10 at start of series. So far this is the best book in the trilogy, and honestly I don’t know Einstein have a family, since bj main focus on school is studying his theories and the like.

Books by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The eighth and final book, Redeemedwas released on September 8, May 19, Sarena Nanua rated it it was amazing. If I followed the story correctly I believe the author did manage to cover all of the complications well. I will simply tease you with the following quote: They then follow Mileva to her parents’ house and conceal haddis in Lieserl’s room for about a month.


Jonah and Katherine land on the decks of Henry Hudson ‘s ship, called the Discoverymoments before a mutiny in the early 17th century.

I almost cried at one point and 3 pages before the end of the book, I almost screamed because I thought I knew where Haddix was going and couldn’t believe she would treat her readers so sadistically. Time-traveling siblings Jonah and Katherine are shocked when time in the 21st century comes to a standstill. This may be my favorite so far. After they have defeated the smugglers, another time traveler from the future known to them as Margqret Janitor Boy decides to send Chip and another boy, Alex, back to the s, where they were originally taken from.

In this book, it was Albert Einsteins’s daughter. ppeterson

This book was the best in the series though, just because it had a whole new plot twist. Following the incongruities of changing time and history was very difficult and I found myself going back to review some of the passages from time to Haddiix enjoyed this book and the topic it centered on.