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The source code for the console program is edited in the Adtasheet Visual Studio environment. In this way, the voice will sound like having a background noise Additive White Gaussian Noise.

DAC Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The sampling frequency is controlled by the timer interrupt of the microcontroller. The output signal can then be propagated to a digital-to-analog chip DAC to transform the digital data to analog signal. We will run out of time. Voice output sounds like lowering the pitch a bit.

The dzc808 bit is no parity. I am sure that our project has the commercial value. The program consists of a state machine and it consists of three states: In order to obtain the signal of the music input, we used another external analog-to-digital converter ADC to transform the music signals into digital format. The digital data can then be propagated to the microcontroller.

This design will not remove the data transfer bottleneck since the speed of serial port is high enough in our design, but it will make our project datahseet compatible to all the PCs since USB is common interface nowadays.


Since there is only one analog-to-digital converter embedded in ATMega32, we used the internal analog-to-digital converter for the voice channel and an external analog-to-digital converter chip ADC for the music channel.

DAC Datasheet pdf – 8-Bit D/A Converter – National Semiconductor

In the microcontroller, we could capture both of the voice signal and music signal and mix them to generate special effects. Since two threads run concurrently and share the same resources in the program, we need to maintain the consistency and integrity of the data in the program.

The Lower Pitch distortion option is done by averaging the past 16 voice signals from our test. The program gets datasheett command from the graphical user interface and transmits it to the microcontroller, and at the same time receives the real time digital audio data from the microcontroller.

The use of ports is shown in Figure 4.

In this way, the microcontroller can sample both the voice and music signals in 8KHz in maximum concurrently which the produces a higher sound quality. The Walki-Talki distortion option is done by distorting the voice signals to its square from the result of our tests. If the user extracts the zip file, the directory “gui” is created with all the associated subdirectories. In the function setDistortionthe payload of the command packet indicates the distortion option chosen by the user through the GUI in the PC.

In this way, the voice will sound like a robot. In this way, the voice will sound like the actual voice processed by a walki-talki.

  ISA 88.01 PDF

Clarification on Digital to analog conversion

However, we found that there is no generic USB driver to support our application. For example, we could store the analog data in digital format to make it more robust and lasting.

After you compile the code, you can simply program the image into the STK and start using the program. The left panel is to display the waveform of the audio signal. With the development of technology, we are able to create, modify and edit multimedia data. We think that our project can contribute to the multimedia industry as well as the academia. If he wants to reset the MCU without re-launching the PC software, he should make sure that the multimedia system has been turned off before.

A file chooser dialog pops up to select the file name. For example, we could record music in real time into an SD card. The reason to use the amplifier circuit before the signals being propagated to the ADC chip is similar to the circuit of the pre-amplifier that we discussed before.

The echo delay is between 0 and samples which are stored in the sample buffer.